A Kite Against Warcrafts

A Child’s world is cheerful, colorful, frank and warm-hearted…

They are so colorful that they carry on looking at things the same way. But not all of them.
dsc_1040In difficult times, such as war, children cannot behave like children. Childhood period become too short for a child who face the war. I saw pictures belong to these children, they were telling lots of feelings with their eyes.. They looked like adults in these pictures whose childhoods have been overshadowed with darkness. They seemed numb for naughtiness and they have no happiness in their eyes.

I watched a short movie today about children’s world. In this film, there are two brother who live in border of Syria in Turkey’s side. They planned to rescue people from the war crafts. Because they heard that these war crafts aim to kill people. They want people live, not die.  They used their kites in their child’s world.


I realise that the children don’t care about which people live or die, they just care about people living. Because they fill with love, they couldn’t wish death for anyone.  They couldn’t understand why the people want to kill the other people? The people who killed what did do?

I congratulate the movie’s makers, it was amazing. Please click here for watching the movie,  directed by Serdal Altun.


I try to live the child who lives inside me every time. I asked this inner child when I need to give serious decisions. I listen to her by my heart.  Please  follow your heart and also your child who live inside you. Thus I believe that we can see the happenings with child eyes.

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  1. Thanks Ceylan for the touching blog. You seem to be coping with the trauma of supporting young refugees from Syria. Wishing you the best.

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