Now here it is a decisive moment: the improvement actions in QA pillar warehouse project have been taken place successfully. That’s a great satisfaction for all Direct Relief staff and me!
During this period, QA and Operation functions showed a strong and amazing collaboration on new system application and they were very supportive each other! It was very pleasing seeing their best purposes and great initiative offered, so it is just thank to all them if it has been reached this outcome!
Observing the quality in-process, monitoring the cycle time, scanning different barcodes type have been very challenging for me but, in the meantime, now I am feeling really grateful for these efforts!

After over two intense and challenging months, dedicated to data process monitoring, validation test and training, QA and Operations Teams were glad to launch officially the go-live event, celebrated on Nov 17, 2016.

QA and Wh Operation Team: Go-live celebration!

The new system and physical changes are very innovative and mainly focused on making easier and faster each manual operation in inbound and outbound steps: reducing the receiving time process, removing the paper usage and enhancing the on-time handover of medical aids.


The new improvement actions are focused on enhancing Quality/Production in Warehouse operations through the implementation of sustainable innovative systems: Lucas’ voice guide application (picking action), barcode scan gun usage associated to mobile working carts (sorting, counting), advanced shipment notification by main donors (receiving data entry). These actions will make work easier and faster for employees, increasing around 80% the quality accuracy, flexibility, process efficiency: real-time supervising, one and done posting, and process standardization.

Furthermore, these changes allow optimizing available NGO resources, reducing the costs, increasing partner/ medical contacts and mainly enhancing the worldwide medical aids delivery for help more needs.

That’s a further important goal achieved by Direct Relief NGO! Congratulations!

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