Weekend Bonanaza-2


My Ability is Stronger than My Disability.

As we finished the camp in Coimbatore by Sunday evening , now we have to go to Cuddlore to see livelihood program and to meet Chairman. We took Bus 11pm in night and reached 5am. Around 9am we reached LRC center where already around 15 PWDs were there. Cuddlore is the place get badly affected during Tsunami in Tamilnadu state. here we discuss till lunch about employment perspective and the role of LRC. Since it was small place not bigger company are there. Mostly people focused on self employment they gave lot of ideas how we can use technology to explore our self employment more sustainable. Muthu and Shanker these two technical people were there with us, who guided them not only about assistive devices but new app, online marketing and other ways.


I met Chairman and discuss about CRB project development and challenges. After that we went to field visits to see how people are working, I met so many PWDs self employed, and try to understand how LRC help them to reach Govt. schemes to them. It was very nice learning experience for me. We had Bus again in night 10pm, during reaching to bus stand we had 30 minute to walk on Pondicherry beach really it was amazing full and learning.


Thank you.

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