Weekend Bonanaza-1



There is a plan and purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.


It’s long time I have not written any blog , but it’s worth writing back to back two.

I Got invitation to attend camp in Coimbatore on Sunday, for that I have to travel Saturday night. Will it worth to go? Three night bus journey and two full day work. I decided to have the experience. I got in Bus with my LCD colleague Uday around 10pm , we reached Coimbatore 5am morning we checked in hotel room , and start preparing to leave , our CH person send taxi by6;30 am to reach the destination which is almost 80 km far from the Coimbatore . Finally we reached by 9 am to the spot. Before reaching there we did not had much idea about the camp. Once we reached there we found out almost 2000 people are already there and still some people are coming. I met CH Chairman; he briefed me about the program it was like massive program. District magistrate, Member of Parliament, Local minister and so many govt. officials were about to come all media people were there.



I felt immense pleasure to attend the camp I can’t express in word, superbly planned by them. It’s like one stop shop for disable people. One side medical checkup camp and certificate there were layer of assessment done by Govt. and private people. 25 employers with 350 vacant positions were there. Finally 80 people got employment. Govt. plan was explained to everyone according to their disability.


It’s really a super planning done by these people they were expecting 1000 people apparently 2500-3000people attended that.  I give you just a glimpse how these many people reach there. They distributed pamphlet regarding this program through school and college student. Students went to their neighbors and helped them to reach. Good one isn’t it? In that way all students were also get sensitized.


Thank you .

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