PULSE projects and my achievements:

December is coming and all of my projects are also going to accomplish . Initially I was working on a coaching project. At the end of August during a meeting with my manager of Jhpiego (NGO partner) ,she has given me four other projects which make me too busy. In the remaining page you can read brief insights of all my projects and their accomplishment.

1:Developing a monitoring and reporting tool:

Description: Work with Demand Creation Team and M&E team to develop monitoring and reporting tools and reward systems that link VCA, CLs and target attainment- Work closely with Tesha, Michael, Cyprian and Thomas.

*   Monthly data tool that monitors and measures VCA activities and target attainment

*   Linked reward system for VCAs and CCLs to attaining high quality demand creation services and target attainment

*   Finalize coaching and mentoring tools to be used by clusters.

Following is the time line and accomplishment of this project.

Major Task Completion date Sub task Follow up
Meeting with M&E about the time flow and objectives of project. Oct 11,2016 Consultation with stake holders. download
Conduct effective meeting. download
Conduct meeting with demand creation team about the data and activities capturing system. Oct 29, 2016. Consultation with STM  download
Consultation with CLs, CHPs and VCAs.  download
Meeting with Director and STM.  download
Preparation of Software for monitoring and reporting tool. 30 November, 2016. Final model consultation  In Progress
Adjustment as per recommendation of Stakeholders. In Progress.
Launch of New software tool for monitoring and reporting of CHPs and VCAs. 7 December Final meeting on the project. In Progress.
Launch of new tool and

get together with team.

In Progress.


2.Coaching tool for Cluster leader and Community health provider:

Description: This project has two parts.In first part I have to develop skills set for the community health providers and the  2nd part is about the coaching tools for Cluster leaders (First line managers).It needed an extensive field work and I did it.following is the time line and accomplishment of this project.

Coaching tool for Cluster leaders and Community health providers:
Major Task Completion date Sub Task Follow up.
Work in the field to identify the gaps in key messages and client management. 15 August, 2016. Work in Tabora district. download
Work in Nzega district download
Discussion with Senior technical officers. download
Deliver a presentation on the strength and weakness in the demand creation team and its solution and recommendation. download
Develop skills set for CHPs and VCA and coaching tools for CLs. 15 September, 2016. Get feedback from demand creation team. download
Prepare and present all skills set and coaching tool. download
Training of CHPs and CLs Oct 25, 2016. Prepare training materials on posters. download



Consult with team
Conduct training.
Launch in the field Dec 10,2016. Arrange joint visit In progress
Suggest recommendation In progress

3: Reward system for Community Health Providers (CHPs) and Volunteer community Advocate (VCAs):

Description: CHPs and VCAs are the first line community mobilizers.During my working in the field I’ve observe that there is no motivation tool for the CHPs and VCAs.Then my manager discuss it in detail and give me this assignment also.Following is the timeline and progress of this project.

Reward system for Community Health Providers (CHPs) Volunteer community Advocate (VCAs):
Major Task Completion date Sub task Follow up
Develop reward tool for CHPs and VCAs. 30th September, 2016. Review previous available tools. download
Consultation with all stakeholders. download
Final draft ready. download
Present during annual workshop 26 Oct, 2016. Prepare presentation download
Feedback from STO and director. download
Deliver final presentation. download
Finance and get approval from the USAIDS. 30th November, 2016. Send draft to concern for approval. In progress.

4: Community Feedback project for VMMC:

Description: Community feedback model- work with Michael and Maende and Kenneth Chima (MCSP)

*   Explore the use of MCSPs community feedback tool for use in VMMC programming

*   Pilot tool with team in AIDS Free communities.

Following is the time flow and its progress.

Community Feedback project for VMMC
Major Task Completion dates Sub task Follow up
Review MCS tool Oct 30. Receive tool from MCS. I’ve received this too on 15 November.
Create a community feedback tool for VMMC. In Progress
Consult with the Stakeholders 27 Nov Schedule a meeting with Health providers in Iringa, Njombe and Tabora region. In Progress.
Finalize the tool. In progress.
Launch in two district of Tabora. 20th December, 2016. Assigning a team and train them. In progress.
Start getting feed back In progress.
Final report In progress.

5: Adolescence AIDS free friendly project:

Description: Supporting our Adolescent Friendly Services Objective- work closely with Maende Makokha and Mychelle Farmer

*Review and work with team on planning adolescent workplan deliverables

*  Work with Jhpiego adolescent adviser and AIDS Free team to develop adolescent friendly VMMC flip charts (ages 10-12, 13-14, 15-18)

*   Work with team on developing adolescent friendly training package to develop facility champions.

Adolescence AIDS free friendly project
Major Task Due date Sub tasks Follow up
Flipchart preparations 30th November, 2016. 10-12 age group In Progress
13-14 age group In Progress.
15-18 age group In Progress.
Brain storming on collaboration with schools. First week of December, 2016. Prepare a school activities download

Prepared AID free champion school knowledge quiz.

Feedback Waiting
Feedback from the STOs waiting
Final plan preparation. waiting
Develop Adolescent friendly training package for facility champion. 12th December, 2016. Sources of materials
Contents ongoing
Consults with stakeholders ongoing
Final documents preparation. Ongoing

So this is all about my busy schedule in the rest of one month and a week.These are different projects and a lot of learning.If you are in new organization,the major challenge is how quickly you can understand the tool and system of that organization.The 2nd important challenge is the stakeholders.How better you can understand the needs of each stakeholders. The solution for all challenges is the ADP.Read again and again the materials of ADP,it will help you to finish your project successfully. In October I’ve also visited Zanzibar Island.Wait for my next blog to know about this beautiful Island.


Nazir Ahmad

PULSE Volunteer,

GSK Pakistan.



  1. Sir the initiative you took and work you have done for NGO is inspirational for Gsk and Pakistanis. My best wishes are with you for the accomplishment of all your plans and I pray for your more success in all walks of life.

  2. Great job done. You really have the high level of competence to skill fully handle the complexities of multicultural requirements and you done that with out putting anything which was supposed to pull down far away from family and natives. Well done keep nurturing the values of Pakistanis Khalid Anjum

  3. Great sir. I am really impressed with your work… MashAllah do more projects successfully … Take care of yourself …. Regards

  4. Dear Nazir
    We really appreciate your work for community & well being of humanity .i am proud of you as friend & GSK colleague.

  5. Marvellous achievements sir. Wish you all the best for successful completion of your projects. Eagerly waiting to learn from your rich experience.

  6. Great Sir, As this is your prime skill to work simultaneously on different assignments with equal concentration which always differentiate & prominent you amongs the all, I am fully confident you will accomplish all your projects with BEST ratin and remai us to proud on you.

  7. Its wonderful & great experience project not for only you but for all of us. I am sure it will end with great success. More over its showed your Skill, competence and interest.
    keep it up and get going…..
    Best Regards

  8. Sir it’s a great achievement keep it up Sir
    It is really inspirational for all of us.I must say I feel really honoured to work with this esteemed organizatin and leaders like you
    Imran Javaid

  9. Sir.great work done by you and you have the ability to do challenging task with great motivational skills. Best wishes for success in future challenges. Regard

  10. It looks like you have been very busy Nazir, and will continue to be busy right until the very end of your assignment! Keep up the great work 🙂

  11. Thanks Emmastewart! Yes very busy schedule.Next week I m going to conduct two training sessions in different locations and for that I am travelling from Friday.

  12. Hi Nazir,
    Amazing. I’m surprised by what you’ve already accomplished. In less than 6 months? Great job. Thanks for sharing such details with us. I’m sure this has given you so much experience that GSK will benefit from when you come back. I wish you could stay longer but at the same time can’t wait to see you come back to GSK.
    Take care and enjoy the few days (or weeks) left.
    Cheers, Kirby

    1. Thanks Kirby for such a nice comments! The most important thing which you told me about the relationship with stakeholders.I started with this tip and I got successful project completion.Do you remember you told me that make a relationship even with shopkeeper and taxi driver,it also worked very well.Now I have many friends and some of them invited me on dinner.I am enjoying the hospitality of African people.Such a nice people.Thanks Kirby for your continuous support!

    1. Thanks Danish for your positive comments.You can do it same,there is no issue.You can apply for 3 month in country or 6 month out of PULSE ASSIGNMENT In December 2016.

  13. Marvelous achievements sir, wish you all the best for successful completion of your projects. Eagerly waiting to learn from your tremendous experience.

  14. Inspiration and challenging. Congratulations and wishing you the best as you work towards completion of the remaining tasks.

  15. Great going Nazir! well done & Congratulation. Wish you further success in this role.
    stay blessed.
    warm regard.

  16. Dear Nazir, Its really one feel proud and satisfied after serving needy people I am sure the people who are the real beneficiary will pray for you.I am sure you will continue this noble work.in future as well.

  17. Wow Nazir, you have been busy! Congratulations on all your hard work and what seems to have been a most successful assignment. I’ll look forward to your next blog about Zanzibar and picking up any tips you have for my trip there!

  18. Sir your efforts in implanting an effective and robust system for health care provision would surely benefit hundreds and thousands of poor people. We are proud of you!!

  19. Sir you are a good leader and also a good companion. Your this work is also representing this. Insha Allah success will be your reward.

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