November 14


Transportation in Asia

I’m overdue for a blog. I still waiting to get additional pictures for the work I am doing over here, so in the meantime I will chat about some different transportation options in Asia. Of course there are cars, buses, motorcycles and even Uber in the Philippines, Vietnam and other parts of Asia. There are also options that don’t exist in the US like tricycles, tuk tuks, bankas, and of course jeepneys.

Scooters are popular everywhere throughout Asia. On some islands they are the only form of transport. It’s common to see a family of four on a scooter. You also see all kinds of items on the back of the scooter like the picture below.


Scooter in Vietnam


Tricycles are a very common form of transport in the Philippines. It’s either a motorcycle or a pedal bike with a side mount. Below I’m about ready to get a ride to town.



In Thailand and Cambodia the common form is a Tuk Tuk. The difference is the passenger area gets towed directly behind. Below is a picture of myself and fellow Pulse volunteer Bob McGarry in a Cambodian Tuk Tuk.


Tuk Tuk


Water transport is also interesting. In the Philippines bankas provide a lot of the shorter ferry trips. Many of these have car engines inserted to work the propeller.





Finally the iconic way of travel around the roads in the Philippines is the Jeepney. Jeepneys started as left over jeeps from WWII. They now not only provide transportation but are also works of art. They have ornate decorations and painting. Each jeepney also has it’s own unique name. Below are a couple of pictures of me riding in a jeepney. At the end I also included all the jeepney names I have been collecting.


My first jeepney ride on a Save the Children field visit


Jeepney ride from the plane to the terminal in El Nido


People waiting in line for a jeepney outside a mall in Maila

Jeepney names
Alfonso Gods Grace Paddy Boy
Anchor Gods Will Power of God
Apocalipsis Gringo Praise the Lord
Baby Face Holy Cross Queenie
Callboy In God we Trust Rocketeer
Chit King Jerome Simply the Best
College Girl Lady Boss Successful
Da Boy Mackey Boy Survivor
Existence Magnificent Sweet Juice
Ghost Rider Marksman Thom Cruz
Gift No Love