All apologies 

I’m not a politically correct person,never been. I always say what I think,most of the time in a very straight and sharp way. People don’t like this, most of the time they just focus on the cover of the book and don’t read it. Too bad,people like that will never improve themselves. Instead, they will always find new apologies. Too bad,also, that I discovered this behavior being very spread over here. As some of you might know, my project is about improving the performance of seven health centers. In order to do that, I worked hard in trying to provide new tools to work with/on. I received great feedback from “my” health workers,my colleagues and friends back home. I extremely happy and yes, proud of myself. Just after one month, during a follow up around the health centers, I discovered that a lot of gaps still remain. Health workers that have been trained didn’t even bothered to divulgate the knowledge acquired. Of course,this is not affecting me. Not at all. It’s affecting the community and the people that those HCs are supposed to help. What really drove me crazy (and didn’t absolutely nothing to suppress it) was seeing the wastage of expensive (and donated) vaccines for simple negligence. In particular, the negligence of not writing a simple opening day on the label. That’s unacceptable. Why are we here? Why are we helping people that clearly are not interested in doing nothing but receive,receive and receive? This is a very bad feeling but I had it a lot of times since I am here: people are so used to have that are not able to take care of themselves and don’t even think about the chance that, one day, maybe all those help might stop.

On the other side, there are a lot of willing and hard-working people that try to do their best to adapt to changes and learn from who is trying to help them. Those people are the reason why it’s good to maintain charity programs. For all the others: less excuses, more working.


P.S.I am also a very big fan of the adage “Paganini non ripete” that translated is “Paganini doesn’t repeat “. Since Paganini was a musician that loved to improvised, he was not able to repeat the same performance twice. In a more general sense, it is applied to people than don’t like to repeat the same thing more than once/twice. Me,of course. But,ok,I know and recognize that rooted behaviors took time to be changed and just tell something once is not enough. Next week, another little chat with my health workers. Less frustration, more patience. And optimism.

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