Lucky Me!

Hello, I am Rima Rifi, I work for GSK Lebanon

…and here I am, after 28 days in Dakar working with PATH on NCDs portfolio.

That moment when you decide to apply to Pulse, full of passion and full of energy, aiming to acquire new skills, knowledge and development, thinking of the help and support you would offer to the community you serve..

You start by filling your online application and you check each day your inbox waiting for the congratulation e-mail, then you go through a series of training, live meetings, F2F orientation, you build a relationships with other volunteers, you meet with people from GSK you would never know if you don’t apply to Pulse and that’s just awesome.

You feel like “OMG, I did a lot of things” but in fact you did not even start, until you reach your destination, where your mission is, where the only thing you know is your name written on a sign and it’s holding by a stranger waiting to pick you up.

At that moment you realise that you have left a whole life behind and you are about to start the “6 months of your life”


This photo above, it has been taken during my first day at PATH with my colleague and teammate Helene from GSK Canada and Ulrich the ambitious gentleman at PATH.

That day all what came to my mind is “Experience is beyond your expectation and Reality is beyond your imagination”.

And here is the “Lucky Me”

Helene has started her assignment early July and by now she’s acting like an expert at level of her role at PATH as well as her residency in Dakar.

I had a very nice welcoming from her and from the NGO as well,

Therefore, she’s offering me all her support and guidance in all aspect at the office and outside.

After 11 days of my arrival to Dakar she helped me, without knowing, to find a piece of me that I left in Lebanon, it’s my passion, my volleyball.

I am a part of a volleyball team and this ball is a part of my life.

Unfortunately, this game is not well known in Dakar, so to find this ball we had to make a discovery trip on the streets of Dakar to catch this happy ending photo 🙂






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