In my last blog I mentioned the Top 10 places to Visit in Vietnam and my goal to complete the list….checked off # 7 this weekend “Mekong Delta”.      These are small get a way’s after the usual long week at work…..8:00-6:00 Mon-Friday so it’s a nice break which is how my weekend in the Mekong Delta started.     On Friday we were guest at the GSK Regional office in HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City )for Volunteer awareness event.     HCMC is the regional office for Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare so we had participation of over 200 people some live and some via WebX.      I want to share a key take away from the meeting .  This was not planned but “WOW” became the key take away.    Why WOW?   This was a innocent unplanned phrase that got a laugh out of the people … in Vietnam people have different levels of understanding of the English language,   the main presenters for our meeting including the GM and us PULSE volunteers who have limited skills in Vietnamese so we had a interpreter to translate our message.   During the business update the GM would deliver the message in English….pause while the message is interpreted to Vietnamese.   During the update the GM used the term “WOW” to express their positive feeling….the interpreter proceed to deliver the message in Vietnamese which seems very fast if you don’t know the language but when she ended with the term WOW! room came alive.   Apparently, WOW is a universal term adapted from the English language….but the way she said it and her tone generated a real reaction from the people in the room.     Being a skilled presenter the GM picked up on this and built the term WOW into the rest of the presentation and session.    In our fast pace world we are over stimulated with information and it’s a challenge to find those WOW moments to get peoples attention.


The HCMC office knows how the have fun!  Birthday celebration after meeting!    WOW!

Our world has become virtual via technology Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…. trust me I am guilty of this taking tons of photos to try to capture my experience for future reference and to share with my friends and family but at the same time I am missing out on the moment.   The reality is pictures can never truly capture what we see with our eyes.     Being aware of this I have made it a point to reflect and focus on 1 or 2 things to keep the memory alive.   Usually, it’s a Person and Moment ….. on the “My Son” trip it’s the elderly lady and her cigar and the motorbike ferry across the river.  Volunteer awareness week in HCMC….. Person:  James the GM     Moment: WOW ……

Can’t have a blog without pictures so below are and additional details on the top 10.

Enjoy and it you like them say WOW.….










  1. Wow! I love your idea to focus on the person and the moment. Good advice which I will work to incorporate into my life. There is something liberating about putting the phone down and taking it all in in ‘real time’. As always, your pictures are breathtaking! Are you taking them with a camera or phone?

  2. Bob – thanks for the update and for sharing your experience – looks like an amazing place. WOW! What kind of work have you been doing over there and what does your day consist of?
    Jackie B

  3. WOW!! Keep the stories and pictures coming. I love that I can try to share some of your experience and journey through your pictures. It is certainly a very welcome diversion from the events happening here 🙂

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