During my free time

Just want to share with you some of my experience living here and especially during the weekends.

Bangkok is a food paradise, I think no one will disagree with me. Not only because of the taste and variety of the food but also because of the lovely environment for diner. You will never be alone dining over here in Bangkok!

Found this little cafe one station away from my living place. It is own by a small family and well taken care by a mother and her daughter.
Caught a Pikachu! Found this in the same mall where I attend my Muay Thai class.
His name is Moomin. The waiter carry and put him in front of me to accompany me for lunch!


Yes, one of my best friend is here for holiday! For sure we need to meet up and spend some time together.  We met each other at the BTS National Stadium station right in front of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. We spent almost a whole afternoon inside the building. The admission is free and we really enjoy our self in the art gallery admiring the art collection. Looking at the crowd in the art gallery, they are majority local students. I think this is why Thai people are creative, it was embedded from young with lots of exposure.

A day with my best friend, Mian, in the Bangkok Art and Culture Center


I like archery & shooting kind of outdoor activities, so I decided to look out for it. I found an archery school online and it’s offering one to one beginner course with only 250 baht (around RM30) per person for 30 minutes. I made my booking and went for it. Before the class start, I was thinking to extend the class for another hour but luckily I dropped the idea after my 30 minutes beginner class as it was so tiring! I enjoyed it very much and had so much fun despite the long journey (almost an hour) there. And now I know why Olympic archers always ‘kiss’ the string. This is to lock a consistent anchor point to avoid the arrow going difference directions.

Beginner class – learning the correct posture to hold the bow and shoot the arrow.


Being the only one PULSE volunteer in this country, I am alone most of my free time. I think this is the privilege of a PULSE volunteer and I am starting to enjoy the free time being myself. Start listening to my heart, slowing down my steps, observing things around, feeling the differences and appreciate it. I feel so blessed.


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