When access to education become luxury

I visited Temporary Education Centers (TECs) to help Save the Children distribute various educational materials for students and teachers. Temporary Education Centers, are schools that were established by Syrians when they began to realise the crisis was becoming protracted. In November 2014, the Turkish Government formalized the TECs and brought them under the Ministry of National Education. Syrian children are able to get a fully accredited education as a result.

Photo: Youssef AlSahar, Save the Children

We went to small towns near Antakya for the distribution. We distributed hygiene kits, educational materials, stationary, and teacher kits for students and teachers. The children got particular excited when we pulled up by the TECs. I could see their happiness and curiosity on their faces.

The children were bright eyed, polite, and a little bit timid. They were also lucky and they knew it. Why were they lucky? Because they were aware that others can’t continue full time education. Many children are faced with the grim reality of having to work due to poverty. Sending children to school has a lot of hidden costs, and distributions like those provided by Save the Children help alleviate financial burdens on families and enable children to attend school.


Save the Children also provided to and from school for vulnerable families. Through their work, 1,091 children travel safely school each day, and of these 432 children were out of school. They are now receiving an education full time.

Save the Children focus on child protection is one of the reason they improve the schools’ conditions. The schools were made suitable for education by repair and renovation work carried out by Save the Children. Aside from renovating existing TEC buildings, Save the Children is building three schools in Hatay province that will educate 1,530 students when they are completed in 2017.


Save the Children is one of the oldest NGO in the world and they use their grants on the most need places with focus on child protection.

I witness it day by day since I have been working here.

Ceylan Kalyon, Antakya / Turkey

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