“Make the world cry for your leave”


“Make the world cry for your leave”
This is an African proverb, you can really learn a lot here in Africa…also you learn a lot from travelling too.
The question here; why are you here in life? Have you ever asked yourself this question? And if yes you did ask…did you find a reply!
Most people average age is between 60 or 70 years, so it’s not a quiet long period yet it’s not that short, you have the choice either to do a lot or do nothing…so again rises the question! What is your input to the world,to life,to the people, to your society,to your family,to your friends, to everything around you?
Each human being is a gift to the world, you have something unique about you that no one else have…you are cable of doing things that no one else can! you have a special talent that only you have,  but… do you really know about it? Did you use or at least tried to use it wisely and efficiently to get the best out of yourself to be able to change yourself and the world?
You ought to be different, you ought to do something good in your life,something remarkable,you must leave an impact..a major accomplishment, simply you must be the change; in a way or another..may be a change in the society,a change in someone’s life…a simple change might be sufficient.
So simply here is it! You have 2 ways; either to be proud of yourself and to know your strength and use it to change yourself then your surrounding people then your society & country and as a final step “improve the world” to be a better place to the coming generations and hence be remembered by everyone for your achievements OR just come to this life and be just a normal person like a lot of people  who did nothing while they were able to do more but didn’t even try to change or have an effect.
Go for it! Go for the change! Search for your purpose in life…look deep inside yourself for you uniqueness…search for something that you really love doing and excel in it,stop finding excuses and start now, see how you can use your talent to benefit yourself first then others and finally the whole world…it really exist somewhere in you but you have to be brave enough to get it out and use it wisely…
Yes you can do it! Believe it and trust your skills and have faith in yourself!
Don’t ever underestimate yourself, live your life with your head up high..live it simply and happily and finally when you are destined to leave:

  “make the world cry for your leave”.

20160925_180423Till we meet again 🙂


  1. This is a very thought-provoking blog Ahmed – we should not underestimate ourselves and should be willing to take ourselves out of our comfort zones to create change.

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