Chapter 3: Be the change you wish to see

“In between a place called history and destiny, you discover life has prepared you for greater. All of your experiences, coupled with trials and triumph, demonstrate resilience.  You suddenly realize that one defining moment, one supporting voice, one courageous move sets you apart from others.  You transform into a trailblazer and blossom into a better version of you.  You learn to accept things of old and eventually rewrite the scripts of history for a better tomorrow.  I encourage you, my child, to dream big, recognize your value in this world and live on purpose.  Everything you desire to be is already inside of you.  Dare to dream!” – Shaun Venable

I begin this story with my own personal reflections on our youth. One positive experience can alter the course of their life, with immediate and long lasting results.   Think about the teacher or coach who played a significant role in your life.  Maybe this is why I’m so excited about the partnership between EDCI and GSK.  They are joining forces and empowering our youth to eliminate health disparities in East Durham.  What a brilliant way to educate and support our future leaders of tomorrow!

Greater community impact:

GSK recently awarded EDCI a $200,000 grant to support their Youth Health Leadership program.  This initiative is designed to identify 4th and 5th grade students to serve as health ambassadors for their community.  They will form a leadership council and develop innovative solutions to promote healthier lifestyles.  While 60 students will actively participate, the program will have a radiating impact in East Durham.

On Saturday, October 22, EDCI hosted a kick-off event and welcomed new students into the program. The day was filled with fun music, movement, educational activities and nutrition forums.  Both the children and parents actively engaged and left with healthy tips to practice at home.

Various EDCI partners, including GSK volunteers, supported the event.  They interacted with the kids and participated in activities such as Zumba and exercise.

I am continuously amazed at this organization’s impact and my opportunity to serve. Through this experience, I am fully embracing the moment and learning to be the change I wish to see in the world!


Click here  or visit to find out more about the EDCI and GSK partnership.

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