Chapter 2: Teamwork makes dream work!

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” was recently brought to life when 55 GSK volunteers from across the US came together for an Orange Day at East Durham Children’s Initiative.

GSK’s US Community Partnership and Communications team with David Reese, President and CEO of EDCI


How it all got started…

EDCI is in the fifth year of implementation. Known for their mission to “create a pipeline of high-quality services from birth through high school for children and families in a 120-block area of East Durham”, this organization continues to thrive and stand as a strong community pillar.  With unwavering faith to enrich lives and dedicated people who believed in the dream, EDCI quickly grew in capacity and scale – to the point of relocating to a larger building.  Naturally, the move presented opportunities to refresh their brand and splash the walls with compelling images to spark hope and inspiration.

The power of a strong team!

Recognizing the need, a core team of GSK and EDCI colleagues devised a plan to organize volunteers and spruce up the new space. Countless hours of brainstorming and collaboration yielded a carefully crafted plan to bring EDCI’s mission to life.  The end result – creative minds in the same space, ultimately transforming a blank canvas into a brilliant masterpiece.  I was honored to assist with coordination and host this event.

The day ended with a sweet surprise– priceless reactions from the first family to enter the new space!

I can sincerely say that my PULSE experience with EDCI has been rewarding. They are an amazing organization that operates with excellence. To work with caring, passionate individuals who push beyond all odds to improve lives is a testament of EDCI’s heartbeat.  I’m equally proud to work for GSK as they share the same passion.  Thanks to the US Community Partnership and Communications team for creating an engaging, vibrant atmosphere for the families of East Durham.

Another important lesson learned on my journey: TEAMWORK MAKES DREAM WORK!


  1. Such a lovely story of a PULSE volunteer on assignment hosting an Orange day for a GSK team that went SO well – the pictures do tell the story (esp the last w/ kids!) Thanks fo rsharing Shaun!

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