PULSE Experience Has No Match , Just Take a Look


It’s an opportunity to Think , Look , Sound and Feel different

I like to describe the international PULSE volunteering experience as “Transplantation” , where you transplant your own mindset , skills and attitude to a new nurturing environment .it’s a complete immersion in new culture , sudden stop of most of old habits  and instantaneous connections to a strong support system  ( PULSE Team , PULSE alumni , PULSE buddy , Senior Mentor , Job-Plus coach , new working environment , GSK office in the assignment country , your assignment manager , and NGO internal support systems …….etc ).

In a Nutshell , you will have the opportunity to transform your personality and forge your own destiny !

This blog is for YOU as a Prospect PULSE Volunteer , it’s not about who am i and what i did ? it’s about what you can do and what you may become ! but please allow me to use snaps of my experience as an illustration for what i really mean !

PULSE volunteering experience has various of benefits , i will focus on only few of them to avoid messages dilution !

1- You will have a new sense of meaning :

It goes like that , “Since we are all born equal ,  you can never be great unless you make something great , and you will never make something great until you serve others with great help and passion ”

In PULSE my mindset regarding helping others changed completely , from an amateur to a professional , from giving a little of what i have to creating significant , sustainable and scalable impact in the area they have a great need and we have expertise .

This is the vision and mission of the NGO you will temporally join for your 6 months assignment , and it will be transferred gradually to you while you are working with them

In a nutshell , you will become a master of helping people , communities on both individual and organizational level . you will tape the skies of greatness ( greatness=helping others effectively and passionately )


2- You will work in a different scope of work , with more freedom and autonomy

Based on the matching process ( process done by the PULSE team after one to one interview to match the skills and interests of applicants to the available assignments ) i was assigned in hugely different working context other than my current work , i was focusing mainly of pharmaceutical sales and marketing with relevant trainings , now my work scope is ( corporate branding ,  fundraising , communications , social media marketing , staff training )

This was challenging at the beginning , but i can not describe the level of experience i am acquiring during my assignment .

currently i am in the middle of my assignment , according to ADP change framework i have completed the diagnosis phase and currently working in the design phase


During a meeting with Maitra Widiantini Faiszal ( Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications , Save the Children Indonesia)

I presented my project with Maitra after my manager Dragna ( Country Manager- Save The Children Vietnam  ) referred me to her to discuss my project & ask for her insights to start my project implementation as soon as possible .

In a nutshell , you will gain professional experience you most probably did not have before , you will get back to GSK a totally new employee , with unique skillset and experience.

3- Meeting and/or working across boundaries with business leaders from various backgrounds

It’s hard to imagine the opportunities of interaction you may have during your PULSE assignment , and every volunteer has his own unique experience

i just would like to share with you my interaction with GSK Indonesia , and how the leaders there supported my visit to the maximum . Proud to be with GSK

for more illustration




4-Having academic development and having fun !

you can explore this blog for more illustration ,


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  1. Superb Mohamed, cant agree more. Just to add few more advantages of PULSE – you get a big chance for self realization, you overcome the limits/ barriers that unconsciously you had built around you by getting out of your familiar surroundings. You see the world with new eye, realize how cooperation works, and ultimately thank GOD for what you have, what you can contribute to society and in turn have sustainable impact on society, GSK, and yourself.

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