Making life a celebration

Festivals help us in getting our life to a state of cheerfulness and enthusiasm, a state of celebration.  It is festive time of the year in India. During my first month of Pulse assignment, it was Rakhi (festival celebrating love between brother and sister).  During my last month of assignment, we are moving into mega festival time with 2 big festivals – Dussehra celebrated on 11th October and Diwali (Festival of light and crackers) approaching on 30th October.

These 2 festivals celebrate the triumph of good over evil. As the story goes, Lord Rama killed the Ravan, who had abducted Rama’s wife Sita,  after long fight of 10 days. Dussehra marks the killing of Ravan and Diwali marks the occasion of Lord Rama’s return to his kingdom alongwith his wife post his victory. To commemorate the return of Ram and Sita to their kingdom, the practice of celebrating Diwali with the bursting of crackers and by lighting up the houses with candles and earthen diyas continues from many centuries.

At my school (Aashirwad Special Education School), we joined the festivities by making Candles and Earthen Diyas as part of vocational training for the differently abled children. Similar to Rakhi, Candle kiosks were setup to sell the candles at various Corporate Offices and Residential Complexes in the city. So far, 5 kiosks have been setup with very positive response, more are planned to be put up over the next 2 weeks. A few pictures of kiosks and beautiful candles made by the children appended below-

To add to these festivities, I took the school team out for a picnic on the occasion of World Mental Health Day (10th October). It turned out to be great outing with children and staff enjoying the day together playing a range of exciting games.

Today (18th Oct) marks the end of my Pulse assignment; it was an emotional moment with Aashirwad family coming together to give me farewell.  I am carrying back many memories of the time spent with the family and special children.


While I would miss Aashirwad family,  am looking forward to join my colleagues in GSK. Pulse has been a great experience, thanks to GSK for this fantastic opportunity, which enables one to do more and feel better!

Many thanks for supporting me throughout this great journey!

Gurpreet Singh

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