Thank You GSK-Indonesia Part 2

I am addressing with this article “All PULSE volunteers”, Especially it’s the beginning of Volunteering Awareness Week

As GSK PULSE volunteers , we can see the benefits the PULSE can bring to societies , volunteers and ultimately GSK . Increasing awareness about PULSE is very useful , however answering people concerns can bring more volunteers than we may think , because sometimes perceived barriers can stop people from moving forward even they can see benefits at the end. So i hope the methodology used in Indonesia helps efforts of creating awareness

Of course PULSE will not suit everyone , there could be real individual barriers to apply , but it’s our responsibilities to make sure that no fake barrier exists , stopping people from application , it’s absolutely our own responsibility.


Let’s share the concept first , then how things went during my visit GSK Indonesia and what is our communication plan ?

1)One hour lunch meeting with Prelia Moenandar(Communications&Government Affairs Director )03

 Being one of the PULSE alumni and her wish to help spreading the word about PULSE across Indonesia , Prelia helped me to identify the challenges the employees could have so they may not apply for PULSE , we made a plan of communication with the concept     “Turning the challenges into opportunities“,



Challenge : Many interested employees are concerned about their level of English !

Reality : English fluency is assessed into 6 levels in PULSE application , so you can be matched to the assignment that requires your matched English fluency level , so don’t worry about that

Opportunity : PULSE will ( most probably )  provide you with great opportunity to develop your English , as you would be in environment that will make you pratice on daily basis , overcoming shyness and improving fluency

Challenge : People are going to miss their families for long time

Reality : we have to admit Missing Families are hard , but meeting new people getting more connections ,helping those are In need will help a lot , moreover you will join the family of PULSE volunteers , be in new network that can last with you as long as you are with GSK

Opportunity :Developing your leadership and tolerance , improving your attitude for respecting and supporting the needy will make you more kind and supportive to your family when you get back to them . They are going to love who you would become

Challenge : I am not sure whether the new culture will suit me or not !!!!

Reality : While your interview with the PULSE team , they are going to ask you proactively about that , just be transparent , they are clever , supportive and will try to match you with the perfect match for you , if they don’t find they will apologize for you for that year , No worries about that

Opportunity :When you express your self openly , that means you may have the best fit assignment for you , as I had , so may be the barrier between what you want and what you get is just for you to ask for it !

Challenge : I am not sure my manager will accept or not , is not leaving my business for 6 months is a good thing ?

Reality : Your manager approval and sponsorship is a must to join the PULSE , some situations it’s critical to stay at your work , while sometimes your team may be full , no urgent huge tasks on the horizon , your big priorities can be delegated to your team . so bring that to your manager and hear from him what he sees coming in the horizon and show your interest in PULSE with him .

Opportunity : Any Investment means that you are going to sacrifice a little to get much , make risk calculation , and have entrepreneur mindset while taking that calculated risk to get the huge benefits you wish

Now we know what we should be shared , then how are we going to share it ?

As i shared in the previous articles , when i emailed  Yuki Yunansih (Head of HRBP Pharma) , they responded very positively , she tried to make good use of my visit to increase awareness about PULSE , therefore she proposed to me these 2 meetings: the first meeting was with Prelia as was mentioned above the second is interview with Dinar Azzahra , Using the insights of meeting with Prelia , and answering Dinar questions about PULSE , Dinar is currently preparing of an awareness article about PULSE on GSK Indonesia newsletter

Spreading The Word Using Digital communications.

2) Interview with Dinar Azzahra ( Digital Communications Executive )               04

In my interview , i answered Dinar questions about my PULSE experience , how is ti developing ? how do you bring back idea to GSK , what is the biggest challenge you had ?…..etc
We are trying to give comprehensive article about PULSE benefits and most importantly answering concerns anyone may have regarding his application to PULSE .
The article will begin with Omar Harris word for employees , motivating them to make good use of such developing opportunity , Omar greatest motivation is to help people grow and get most out of people and PULSE offers that developing conditions to volunteers.

I need to thank GSK Indonesia again for their outstanding support , hoping my visit would help more employees to get the best out of PULSE .


  1. Excellent post Moh. I am very sure reading your two blogs Thank you GSK Indonesia Part 1 & 2 will clarify doubts of many GSK employees and motivate them to consider and apply for PULSE volunteering to change themselves, community and GSK

    1. Thank you Sujay for your kind and motivating words , don’t forget you are a source of inspiration in Vietnam 🙂

  2. I love how you have reacted to the challenges of applying to PULSE, and changed them into opportunities. It is really encouraging to others that sometimes it may be their fear that is stopping them from taking part!

    1. Thank you Emma , You are true we need to do our best to encourage others to have the PULSW volunteering experience as much as we can 👍

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