Thank You GSK-Indonesia Part 1

In This Article you will be surprised to what extent GSK offices can support your PULSE assignment wherever the assignment takes you, as GSK Indonesia supported me with very outstanding and professional support during my visa renewal trip to Indonesia.


As it may sound the opposite of my last article about the importance of having fun and having professional academic  development during the PULSE assignment , i am sharing with you today a very busy week in Indonesia , where i was not able to move from hotel unless to go to GSK or Save The Children offices or a restaurant to keep myself alive 🙂

I needed to go out of Vietnam

I am Mohamed Tarek , PULSE Volunteer in Vietnam , working with Save The Children as Corporate Funding and Branding Officer . Last week was the middle of my assignment , and for the process of my visa renewal , i had to go to suitable nearby country and get back to Vietnam

Indonesia is my selected destination. Why?

I have selected to go to Indonesia for many reason ,   the easy visa processing for Egyptians , to meet Save The Children Marketing and communication director to discuss my project with SCV and needless to say to go to GSK office to help spread the word about PULSE volunteering opportunity about PULSE .

Also , Andrew Miles ( VP& GM for GCC ) opened the gate for me to work across boundaries with GSK Indonesia few months ago when i shared my interest and initiatives regarding strengths-based development , saying that Omar Harris (GM for GSK Pharma Indonesia ) is the expert in that field and can help us with his experience . so  it’s now my opportunity to hear and see so close their transformation journey. so i can help bring that back to GCC , the strength based development is one of strong ways that can fulfill GCC objective ; “Transform GSK GCC to a growing company that will Act different, Think different, Look different, and Sound different”

              I just dropped an email, and that was the RESULTS

The Results went beyond my expectations, and the reason was “GSK Indonesia leaders”

First Thing i did , dropping an email to Yuki Yunansih (Head of HRBP Pharma ) to tell her about my objective of increasing awareness about PULSE and to have a meeting with her if possible to understand about their strengths transformational  Journey under the leadership of Omar Harris , GM GSK Indonesia . Yuki response was incredible , she wanted to make good use of my visit to spread the word about PULSE , and to help me understand deeply about their strengths transformational  Journey, yes i had a meeting with her before , that’s why i sent her the email , but i never expected that generous response.

A) GSK Indonesia Transition Into Strengths Based Organization.

1) One hour Meeting with Omar Harris ( General Manager , GSK pharma Indonesia ) to understand about his insights regarding the transition of GSK Indonesia to strengths based organization

2)One Hour meeting with Yuki Yunansih (Head of HRBP Pharma ) to understand and get the details of the implementation and to answer my questions regarding any potential challenges an organization may face during the transition

                                 B) Raising awareness about PULSE volunteering.

3) One Hour lunch meeting with Prelia Moenandar ( Communications & Government Affairs Director) to share with me her PULSE volunteering experience and the specific challenges we should encounter to spread the word about PULSE in Indonesia.

4)Interview with Dinar Azzahra ( Digital Communications Executive ): Using the insights of meeting with Prelia , and answering Dinar questions about PULSE , Dinar is currently preparing of an awareness article about PULSE on GSK Indonesia newsletter

SO , I accepted her proposal gratefully , that’s beyond my expectations , well i got a busy week , and can be the best week of my life . I can’t wait for such week to begin !

Here is what happened

A) One Hour interview with Omar Harris ( General Manager , GSK pharma Indonesia )01Speaking from heart ,

I prepared the questions beforehand, it’s the ordinary questions of why , how and when ?. but when Omar Harris started speaking i was totally inspired ,Omar shared with my when he first learned about strengths-based development , he was inspired by his own significant  success after he adopted the strengths new mindset , he was determined to bring that into the world of corporate and enterprises when he would have the authority and autonomy to make it happen.Omar also shared with me his leadership input and what a leader need to keep in mind while leading this transformational journey , what are the key challenges he met and how he made it through all the challenges!

From my very humble opinion , Omar is leading a kind of transformation that can change the way businesses operate , his model has the power and attraction needed for huge expansion . he is not only supporting an attractive idea, he is making it working perfectly , embedding it in every human related processes and showing its business significant impact.

During the interview you can see very clearly his sharp vision , strong will , deep thinking , strong passion towards people development , super ability and determination to overcome huge challenges , attention to the little tiny details,  bring out high quality overall picture ,no one ever imagined before, to life .

I was listening carefully , asked his permission to record the meeting , Omar stopped my silence after a while asking me about my Gallup Talent report ! , giving me his advises how to develop my knowledge of the deep science of strengths-based development and leadership as well .

Words can never express my gratitude to his kind and valuable interaction driven by GSK values and expectations.

One of the most interesting things that happened , i told my self “I was right 🙂 ” , Yuki sent me 20 anonymous  profiles of talents from GSK Indonesia , Omar profile was one of them , i just analyzed all profiles blindly , during our meeting Omar told me which profile was his  , i opened the profile , i found my comment on that profile was ( i would call this talent profile The Great Commander , and in a nutshell he looks like in personality the personality of Muhammad Ali , the great boxer, specifically their self-assurance , ability to face &challenge and change the world and and master what they believe in  ) . now  i can say , i was right 🙂

B) An hour meeting with Yuki Yunansih (Head of HRBP Pharma)02Yuki has helped me in almost everything in my week, arranging of the four meetings, helping me with her insights and practical implementation experience in Indonesia, using my visit to create awareness about PULSE. i am working with the voice recording of my meeting with Yuki , summarizing it , it involves the detailed practical steps of implementation of strengths based development in Indonesia so it would hopefully create a proposed map of implementation for GCC

Yuki was the play maker of my visit , i called her anonymous talent profile ” People’s Advocate ” and i can say i was right too 🙂

The Rest of my Visit will be in my next article , it’s about our approach to spread the word about PULSE , It’s a new approach, i think , hoping you will like it as well , stay tuned

Thank You Omar , Thank You Yuki . You inspired a remarkable change in my life .

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  1. ”For organizations seeking to improve performance on crucial business outcomes, strengths-based development is a proven solution…” kindly elaborate more about GSK’s strength-based development and your experience & take away Mohamed?

  2. Great to hear that you have been able to meet some amazing people, hear their stories and also share you own experiences on PULSE Mohamed. It sounds like you had a extremely busy time in Indonesia!

    1. Yeah , they were very supportive , I got very busy week and didn’t have the opportunity to explore Indonesia, but I must admit , it couldn’t have been better

      Many thanks for you Emma

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