…A new beginning for Direct Relief!

Sep 29, 2016: a Special Day for Direct Relief’s history with the “Groundbreaking celebration” for the construction of new facility, at Hollister Avenue, in Goleta.

This area will include the new headquarters and warehouse, covering 155,000 square feet, dimension almost four times largest than the current size of DR’facility.

This event represents the “beginning of a new era” for Direct Relief, making it the larger accredited distribution hub for humanitarian medical aid in the United States. In the meantime, it also is a “new challenge” for DR’s Mission, increasing the demand of medical aid and expanding its worldwide emergency response.

This is one of the most important and significant days for Direct Relief, much awaited, and I was there!

To celebrate this significant moment, a large tent was prepared to accommodate all  of the major Donors,  Direct Relief Partners, Employees and Community members.



The site was well-organized with a big screen, stacks of Direct Relief pallets and bulldozers; Excitement, Joy and Great expectations were the real cocktail-ingredients for everyone during the welcoming appetizers… I was completely captured by the same emotions!

Just to give you an idea of the “magical atmosphere” I experienced, here are some pictures of DR’s Amazing staff!

Thomas Tighe (President and CEO) and Me
Dawn Long, my Pulse Supervisor and Quality and IT Director of warehouse improvement projects!
..and with Buphi Singh (VicePresident, CFO and COO)
Me and Jon Ziad, software developer and my guide in Direct Relief!
Jon Zaid, Software developer and my guide in Direct Relief!


There was great interest in Thomas’ speech and a lot of excitement when he officially announced a $40 million fundraising campaign.


So far Direct Relief has already received $25 million in private contributions and pledges from corporate partners, foundations, and individuals, with lead gifts from FedEx, the Zegar Family Foundation, and Dorothy Largay and Wayne Rosing.


Each of them made a public discourse and it was very touching for me listening to their words, so encouraging and full of hopes and great purposes for DR, ever more ready to help needs!

<I wish Direct Relief all the best continuing to pursue its mission!>

and then…let’s break the ground!







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