“A humble beginning” and “Seeing the world through eyes of a child”

We live in a world with ever increasing use of technology. In whatever we do, technology plays a pivotal role in our life today. It has been a powerful tool, which has transformed our lives. While technology is helping to bridge gaps in many ways (e.g. physical distances, economic gaps), it has potential to be a great leveler for education of differently abled as well. Technology helps in overcoming many limitations that hinder active participation of the differently abled in a conventional classroom.

While access to technology may be taken as granted by many of us, not everyone on the planet is so blessed. A humble beginning to use the technology for the advancement of differently abled children was made at Aashirwad School last week by setting up a Computer Literacy Center

This center is equipped with 5 Desktop Computers and modern teaching aids. A special software package designed for mentally retardant children by NIMH (National Institute of Mentally Handicapped, India) has been loaded on the machines. There are 4 education games introduced at the center with the aim to make education fun and interesting. These games have been designed to improve fine motor skills, concentration skills, eye-hand coordination, language and mathematical skills.

A baby step has been taken last week by kicking off the operations at this Computer Literacy Center with training of children on basics of Computers; it was a delight to see the interest and curiosity of smiling angels working on computers and playing games. One of the things to strike me has been how children view the world. I viewed the world through eyes of a child years ago and have gradually made the change in way of looking at things as I grew older. Children are more positive and curious. One of the other important quality is they are not afraid to ask any question, as they don’t care what other people think about them. We tend to lose these qualities as we grow older.

There are many insights to ponder upon and take action for me as I move towards end of my assignment!

Gurpreet Singh


  1. So true, if everyone would see the world from a child’s eyes – we would all be living in a much peaceful and happier place! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  2. This a great news to read Gurpreet. These computers will have a great impact on children’s learning and help to develop their skills for the future!

  3. This is so wonderful I am so glad technology has advanced to the level that it can help mentally handicapped children in those areas that you identified. Children are truly remarkable and just being around them can inspire us and sometimes reteach us some valuable lessons as you described here.

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