Have you ever seen the rain?

This is the story of a meeting with a not very far relative… a story about looking “someone ” else in the eyes and see myself like I was looking in a mirror. This meeting with gorillas was a metaphor of my life,starting with the weather: cloudy,rainy. I am so happy to be on my assignment but I left something behind, back at home that,sometimes,makes my days rainy. Something,someone,doesn’t matter…but,still,I was lucky enough to not have rain during the hour spent with gorillas, so I was able to admire them and…took tons of pictures! So, yes, the weather was/is rainy but still had/have some moments of relief. And then,after a quite long and hard walking in a rainy forest, here they are. Placid,calm, peaceful family of mountain gorillas having their time eating and playing (the baby with his father, the dominant male). So are some of my days,placid and calm. While you look at the dominant male you can clearly see his strength,even if he’s just eating next to his baby. So majestic, so awe-inspiring. And you think:nothing can’t stand against him! Then you realize that those animals are so close to be extinguished that maybe the next generation will just see them in a zoo. What a shame!! All because of men. The fault is all of men that killed them for use their hands as ashtray and destroyed their forests for nothing. So, you can be strong and tough as long as you want but eventually someone come and beat you down. So far, it’s quite a sad story…but it’s not,actually! Now there are a lot of good people willing to help them and everybody that come and visit them contribute to their conservation. So,what are you waiting for? Come,meet and help them! The sun will shine again,eventually.


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