A message to the world !


In a world full of contradictions, full of injustice, full of a lot of instability, full of competition, full of cruelty, full of everything abnormal, full of anything but peace…In a mortal life where by all means we will all go and leave it one day…
you will always find great difference in everything in this life, different people, different mentalities, different ways of thinking, different purposes of life…

As for example;
Some nations have a stable prosperous  life; while others nations have wars that already destroyed their lives.
Someone who can afford to eat his favorite food at any time; while others are searching for food in trash.
Some places where no diseases and infections; while other places are striving for clean water and sanitation.
Some who can stay by the sea side just for relaxation; while others stay by seaside as they don’t have a place to sleep.
Some look after animals rights (i don’t say its bad); while others humans in poor countries no one is looking after their very basic rights and needs.
Some owns big ships for luxury; while other own a small tiny boat searching for fish in the middle of the ocean.(See picture below).


Some wish to travel around the world just to explore; while others only need a home and a shelter.
Some are living their life to impress others; while others are living their life to impress only God.
While you can find someone who always wants himself only to be happy; while at the other side you will find someone who always wants others to be happy and is trying his best daily to achieve it and makes a difference in life.
-For me here you can find: happiness, success, inner peace, relief, satisfaction…
*trust me!! U will always find something marvelous and different in helping others, in doing good to others without waiting for a reward back, in changing life of others, in supporting others, in putting a smile to unhappy desperate faces…by any mean or single try…
*It all depends on you, on what do you want from this life, what do you aim to get, achieve & experience.
It’s all in your hands, you can make the difference, you can be the change, and you can be that one who brings happiness to others…u can do this while also enjoying your own good life.
# Do it if you can please…even by a good word, a small simple action, an advise, a kind gesture…. any small way that you feel you can afford.
#never underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear or a compliment. All have the potential to make someone’s life better. (Copied quote)
                                        “Small things always counts”
● “If you think you’re too small to make a difference you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito”.    “African proverb”
□ so don’t say you can’t make it, don’t say my action will not be enough, don’t say it won’t help, don’t say it will not make a difference, don’t say it will never change the reality….you never know!

☆At the end, my only wish in life is that peace prevails all over the world.
May we all live in peace and happiness.
Till we meet again🙂

Ahmed Ashraf



  1. Very true and accurate message. I see and hear the same type of stories here in Uganda where there aren’t the luxuries as in my own country and in no too long ago, war instead of peace.

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