What’s YOUR risk?

Did you know that research shows that approximately half of all cancers can be prevented?  The Canadian Cancer Society is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer prevention.  During my PULSE assignment, I am working with the Society’s National Health Policy/Cancer Control team which maintains up-to-date knowledge about research evidence with a focus on cancer prevention and early detection.  The goal is to reduce cancer incidence rates for Canadians — prevention being a priority. 

Happy Birthday to the Canadian Cancer Society’s interactive tool: itsmylife.cancer.ca which turns 2 years old this September.  Do you know your risks and what you can do to “Deter, Defeat and Defy” cancer?  Visit itsmylife.cancer.ca and learn how you can stop cancer before it starts.

Learning SO much and feeling privileged to be a part of this amazing organization!  Cancer.ca



  1. Hi Joan! Thanks for sharing the tips! The tips really set one up for an overall healthy life style. Enjoy your Pulse assignment. I look forward to your next posting. 🙂

  2. Hi Joan, Nice post. I am also working on a cancer project in Nigeria under Clinton Health Access Initiative. I would be glad if we can be chatting and comparing notes. My email address is Stephen.n.githinji@gsk.com. Drop me an email and let us start supporting each other and more importantly our programs.

  3. Very nice! That chart is great! What great work you are doing and insights you are gaining. Please keep sharing- this knowledge is so very important!

  4. Hi Joan, Nice post and all things we can incorporate into our daily lives. Great reminders.
    We miss you! Hope you are enjoying your assignment and can’t wait to hear all about it when you return in January!! Take care

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