How a PULSE volunteer is supported for Success?

GSK supports PULSE volunteers with strong support system to ensure there is no barrier for them to significantly  grow and develop as well as to deliver sustainable impact smoothly and successfully.


PULSE volunteers international assignments are exposed to new culture , work in a different role with a different company usually NGOs .

It’s naturally to have some worries and asking yourself :

1-will I be able to deliver sustainable results in that short time ? ,

2- Will I be able to have significant and enduring change in my personality and skills ?

If this is what concerns you , this article may provide you with some clarity and assurance. Hoping you enjoy it

It All Starts With a Good Training


A must-have induction training by the PULSE team , this training is smooth in nature , valuable in content and crucial for success .

This training covers 2 important aspects for Assignment success :

1- Expectation management with the NGO ( understanding the difference in culture , their relation to GSK , their perception to our role and value ……etc ) which accelerates our smooth inclusion into the new culture and work environment ( I got smooth landing in Hanoi -Vietnam , fitting in so fast with my new work environment)

2-ADP framework : That helps us understand the change framework from diagnosis to design and implementation . This ensures our  understanding of the change process ( now I am at the end of my second month , moved recently from the analysis stage to design stage )


Assignment Description


  • GSK Supports you with Senior Mentor to give you the broad lines and areas of focus at the beginning , monitor your progress in the middle and help you transfer your knowledge to within GSK at the end ( Muhammed Ali Masood – “Marketing Director-GCC” has helped me to identify the area of focus based on our discussion on the assignment scope and deliverables , after one month we are going to discuss the progress so far .
  • GSK also supports you with your PULSE buddy , in my case Brenda law ( senior marketing manager –China ) supported me with her experience as she was the PULSE volunteer in the same assignment position I am in now .


So both the Senior mentor and PULSE buddy are supporting the mission to be done , what about yourself ?

  • GSK supports you with a coach from within GSK helps you develop solutions by yourself and enhance your self development , Kelly Shue ( Medical Director –Singapore ) and my current manager ( Mohamed El-Attar ) are supporting me and help me improve my self-coaching ( best thing to learn from coaches is self-coaching especially in remote assignments )
  • GSK supports you with close contact with one of the PULSE team , Vivian Cheng is constantly responding to our inquiries , ensures our safe landing and progress within the assignment


So GSK supports PULSE volunteers with strong support system to ensure there is no barrier for them to grow and deliver smoothly and successfully

That’s not all !

When you fit in within the NGO , you will be supported by your NGO manager with co-ordination with the PULSE contact to support you within the new organization regarding both work and logistics

So , after being aware of such support system ( I focused on the assignment only , otherwise I would have went through much more details regarding safety and security many other issues ) it’s the absolute responsibility for us as PULSE volunteers to invent and deliver sustainable change to ourselves , GSK and the community we are serving and that’s what I am currently working on.



Hope You Enjoyed the article 🙂

Mohamed Tarek

Executive Vaccines Specialist- GCC


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