September 07


‘Couse we got the fire and we gonna let it burn 

Hello everybody! It’s been a long since I wrote my last post but…here I am! I just want to share with you my first experience as a “teacher ” for the Health Workers that work in the 7 Health Centers supported by the NGO I am working for. So,after many interviews/assessment I understood that over here there is a very poor knowledge of cold supply chain/vaccines storage/management so I decided it was time to fill this gap. Vaccines are soooo important and the governmet ‘s programme is quite interesting but still people don’t know how to handle them and how to explain to concerned mothers why is so important to vaccinate their children. What an interesting experience was preparing this 4 days training! I have learned a lot of things as well!! For example,did you know that first tentatives to develop an immunization against smallpox are back as early as 1000 ce? I didn’t! Eventually we were able to eradicate it (let’s just keep hoping the virus stays locked in the two laboratories that still have it…….). Of course, it was not that easy and required a lot of struggle and the collaboration between all the countries. Smallpox was so feared that it was even able to put some peace between  the USA and the Sovietic Union during the Cold War….Now we have other bottles to fight and we really need all the countries and people to be ready to fight them. So, by the end of tomorrow, Africa will have seven more soldiers fighting in the front line against the Under 5 Mortality War. Sounds good!!!