Taare Zameen Par (Stars on Earth)

“Taare Zameen Par” (in local language Hindi) translated in English means “Stars on Earth”. This is the title of the video on the Aashirwad Special Education School, prepared for connecting this school to larger audience.

It has been great experience spending time with these special children at Aashirwad school. Each child is a unique star – radiating light, spreading love and sharing smile. Looking at these stars, it was not difficult for me to select the title of the video.

Kids Pictures _r

Alongwith challenges and dreams of the children at school, video talks about the success story of one of the stars – Prateek Jain. Prateek has developed immensely at school in last few years. He shone brightly at 2015 Special Olympics held in Los Angeles and went on to bring Gold Medal for the country in baseball.

Song played in the video is from a popular Hindi movie with focus on a dyslexic child. The song and talks being in Hindi, English sub titles have been included.

While the journey to enable these children live a better life continues (would share more on this in next blog), request you to watch the video at following link and bless these stars. I am fortunate to be with them!

Many thanks for your blessings!

Gurpreet Singh


  1. Outstanding work Gurpreet, and very touching stories; apologies for late response from my side, but truly emotional & touching stories.

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