MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; A story of change & transformation using 5S’s

Our story begins!

Join the Global Fund PSM team and I as we write a new chapter of our story about change and transformation.

After visiting the team at the National Centre for AIDS & STIs Control (NCASC) and shared with them about 5S (sort, set, shine, standardize & sustain), the will and desire to make a change was evident on their faces and immediately started the exercise.

KAIZEN is the practice of continuous improvement and we used 5S to organize the workplace, keep it clean, and maintain effective & standard conditions to enhance productivity, quality and safety at the  work station.

‘‘Feeling very easy, got suggestions and new ideas that took me 5 years to see and change my work station, manage my time and have a clean work station’’  Feedback from a Junior supply chain officer

‘’Thanks Nono, this is my dream come true. I have been wanting to see this for a very long time’’ Feedback from a Sr Operations Manager

Below are pictures showing before & after, and amount of waste that was on the desk and lockers ( it was more than what it looks like in the pictures)


For now, I write the story to that point and wish to share more positive outcomes into the assignment.

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