Change Begins with you.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

                                                          Mahatma Gandhi.

I get an opportunity to attend the conference “WorkAbility Asia 2016 “held in Bangalore city where I based. I am fortunate to have a kind of conference. I attended lot of conferences in past but I can say it was totally different kind, its change my perception of inability.

I learned whosoever is born, born for purpose and definitely does something better than other even though they are disable but they have one or other ability better than many of us.

Across so many NGOs , Corporate, and Gov. official attended the conference and talk about what is their policy for this differently able person .

Corporate like Accenture, Cisco, and other participated actively their HR director come to podium and address the audience and shown their strategy.


NGOs like Enable India, Samarthanam and APDP are main NGOs who participated very actively shown their work.

After listening all of them and seen live cases, my perception changed now I feel I am more refined person to see the world.

Be The Change…………..!


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