My lil friend …. Bhutu 

My father used to always say   – at the heart of life lies the relationship we have with other people,  close by or may be far away at the other side of the world. It is also important that how you let these relationships flow and grow .

I am a strong believer of what he taught and I have had always enjoyed this .

The latest friend came to my life is a 2.5 year old small girl “Manisha” , I call her Bhutu .

Bhutu never forget to carry Spiderman alongside

Bhutus father works as a warden . Bhutu being so small , knows only her mother tongue which is not a local language & she has no friends because of this linguistic barrier . Apart from her parents , bhutu at last found someone who can play & interact with her .

Every evening she comes my place, we play together – she Lough’s out loud when I throw her in the air & catch . Bhutu brings biscuits for me :).

She calls me Kaku (uncle)

At time , she feels very disappointed when I return late and she starts crying. Sometime she also stop playing with me as well 🙂

But , am sure that she is not aware of the fact that she is helping me a lot by spending time with me .

Freinds and family is everywhere in everyone we meet , cleverness is to make them yours – life can also be beautiful when you are away from family for quite a long time.

Today is her birthday – wish her all the very best.


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