Hello Bangkok 2.0

Hello it’s me! Welcome to my 2nd blog.

The 1st month was very tough for me here as I’m alone and suffering from severe homesick. I miss the food, the people, the rhythm of live in Malaysia… Luckily, I survived my last few weekends here with my friends that came here for holiday during Raya.

Thank you Phaik Ying for bringing me to this new Ratchada Train Night Market.
My best friend Liang, Julie and their colleagues at the very famous ‘After You’ Cafe. The best seller ‘Shibuya Honey Toast’ never disappointed all of us here.

I’m very honour to be invited by GSK Pharma Thailand to do an introduction about myself and my PULSE assignment here in Bangkok to the leadership team. According to Ms Isanan, HR Consultant of GSK Thailand, this is their practice to invite PULSE volunteers that based in Bangkok as part of their effort in welcoming and supporting us. Many thanks to Ms Isanan for arranging this as I have the opportunity to visit GSK Thailand and to meet with Mr Boyd Chongphaisal, GM of GSK Pharma Thailand and his leadership team. I felt wholehearted, supported and confidence to continue my assignment here.

During my presentation to the management team.

Before the presentation, I was treated a very good lunch. I was introduce to Ms Kittima Chatlekavanich, Cluster HR Head of Thailand and Indochina, and Ms Supattra, Corporate Affair Manager by Ms Isanan. They ordered few very special Thai food for me! I love the soup made with tamarind, it’s very different compare with the Tom Yum Gong that we eat usually. If you visit Thailand, please don’t only order Tom Yum Gong, have a try on this!

From left: Ms Kittima, Ms Isanana and Ms Supattra

There is a mall nearby my apartment with only 2-3 minutes tuktuk ride and guess what is so interesting in the mall? I found a Muay Thai Gym there!

Yes, you are right. I am joining the Muay Thai Class, haha… but please don’t have too much expectation, the class is really a tough one for me! During my 1st class, it’s moody to see my classmate punching and kicking with style and practicing with the instructor while I am only stepping on the grid practicing the step!

Repeating the same step…

But I know, what I need is patient and to learn it step by step. The basic is the most fundamental for everything. Without a solid base, you can’t go far. That is the same applying on my new task here. Be patient, I believe I can make something different at the end of my placement.

See you in my next blog, take care everyone!



  1. Hi Pitt, Second blog is also wonderful and very good pics.You’re right patience has a critical role in PULSE assignment,with patience you can add observation and ask question to understand the situation and then take action to new level of understanding.

  2. yeah! best friend Liang is me!!! me ! me! me! LOL, interesting life in Bangkok, I want to go hang out with you again~~!!!

  3. A fantastic second blog. It’s great to hear that the GSK Pharma Thailand office have welcomed you into their country and will be there to support you throughout your assignment. I hope they enjoyed your presentation of your PULSE experiences so far, and that they we interested in what your are doing. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  4. Great stuff Pit, not only will you leave Thailand with the Pulse experience but you learnt a new skill…. muay thai! Enjoy the rest of your stay.

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