I started my Pulse journey on Aug 15th (coincided with Indian Independence day) with Serious Fun Children’s Network Support Center in Westport, CT, USA. For those who may not what they do – SeriousFun Childrens Network (SFCN) provides life changing experiences through camps for children living with serious illness. It was founded by the iconic Hollywood star Paul Newman in the 1980’s and has grown to over 30 camps and Global partnership programs in all continents. I was surprised to learn that there were two GSK Pulse volunteers on a 12 month assignment at this Support Center several years ago.

My work here will be focused on performing an IT audit of their Support Center to help them meet the objectives of the Serious Fun Children’s Network. The first week was primarily spent meeting with the staff and directors at the support center to understand their use of technology. Following a preliminary review of the findings at the end of the week, I began a deep dive looking at the gaps in their systems and processes. More on this in the weeks ahead.

Apart from time spent at work, this first week has been busy managing the logistics of finding and moving into an apartment. I was lucky enough to find a small one bedroom apartment nestled in the woods nearby to work. Westport is one of those quaint commuter towns in the New York tri state area. So far, I have only discovered the essential places such as coffee shop, restaurant and grocery. I will post some pictures and have more to write about work and life in the coming weeks.


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  1. Glad you’ve settled in nicely, Prakash! Enjoy your experience and I’m looking forward to hearing or reading more about it in future blogs! 🙂

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