Aashraya – Means a Shelter

Its been almost 60 days since I started working for my NGO – Aashraya Seva trust , Bangalore .

Today , I would like to introduce those people for whom I am here . These people & their love for me , has made my commitment stronger than ever before to bring back smile on these faces .

Rani KT , Founder of Aashraya Seva trust 

This lady , Mrs Rani – started Aashraya 11 years back . She is in her mid 60’s now & I have never seen such a brave heart & determined lady before . Whatever Aashraya has achieved till date , is because of her – One Woman Army  .

Aashraya now rehabilitates 60 elderly destitute with shelter , food , medicines ,clothing etc .  Rani has also made it possible to arrange for regular Yoga Classes , Prayer sessions , Group outing activities for all these inmates .

they celebrate together , they share sorrow & happiness with each other – they are Mothers 

last week , I planned Raksha Bandhan ( The festival celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. It is also popularly used to celebrate any brother-sister relationship between men and women who may or may not be biologically related.)

this is what I got in return from 50 elderly women – Mothers 

At Aashraya , nowadays they call me anna ( elder brother )

All of them need support from us – as I say US , it includes you- me – our friends – colleagues – family . Even smallest of our effort can bring lots of happiness to their lifes , because they are in a real need of a new house that can give them some space to breathe freely & live longer

lets take charge & hold their hands .

If someone is interested then they can help Aashraya with the below given link




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