August 17


I am so fortunate……

It has been a couple of weeks since my last update and a lot has happen….the US Little League team from Wailuku Hawaii won the Intermediate World Series by defeating the team from South Korea, the Summer Olympics started, although they do not cover the Olympics on TV in Vietnam ….I had the opportunity to visit Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park in Central Vietnam which is famous the scenery and incredible caves.   During my visit I zip lined across a river to the entrance of one of the caves we explored.   Another first for me.

Ninh Binh.JPG

Zip line.JPG

August 4th I had my first visitors…Kevin and Maddie arrived and we had a blast exploring Vietnam on our motorbikes.     First order was to get Kevin some wheels.   He was a natural just like his father who had never been on a motor bike before.     With Maddie on the back of my bike off we went exploring Hanoi…in addition we made several great side trips to Sapa, Ninh Binh and Halong Bay.

bike.jpgSapa K M.JPG


K m2.JPG


 August 9th….was a very special day as I celebrated my 35 anniversary with GSK.   The day was topped off with a special dinner celebration with Kevin, Maddie, Chad, Mohammed and Sujay my Pulse colleagues here in Vietnam.   As I reflect on 35 years with GSK I feel so fortunate for the opportunities that GSK has provided me and my family.    Cheryl and I are so fortunate to be able to live in California in a great community to raise our family.    We have been blessed with 4 beautiful, successful children.    I have so many fond memories of my 35 years with GSK.   My customers and colleagues have  forged special memories I will never forget.   I vividly remember 35 years ago when Rick Lacy hired me and took me to John Battles mothers farm to get my first company car out her barn (1979 Gold Monte Carlo).   I still keep in touch with Phil Black a pharmacist I meet during my first year on the job in Dayton Ohio.   People are amazed to here that I have been with one company for 35 years which when you do the math is 61% of my life.   But I love what I do and time fly’s when you are having fun.   My 35 years with GSK is actually secondary to the time I have been blessed with my wife Cheryl.  Cheryl and I have been together for 41 years now, high school sweet hearts!


35 y2.JPG

I look at this as “I am one lucky guy who has been blessed with great parents, a great career, great wife and 4 great kids”, what more could you ask for!