Direct Relief 30 days’ time line!

Dear Reader,

Hope you’re well! I started in Direct Relief over 3 weeks ago, and I am taking my personal blogging time; just now that I am fully settled into my PULSE volunteering experience!

Goleta, h.01.50 am: Here it’s a hot summer night and I’m reflecting, sitting on my bed, and my mind is coming back at the beginning… now I’m realizing how the time is spent quickly!!

I’d like to take you in a “Virtual trip just for short time“, showing you what I lived and how I am living now!

I have decided to share with you my “Chronological Direct Relief lineby ADP tool, summarizing in few minutes my first 30 days, from the Pulse beginning assignment up to date!

Now Come with me…and Welcome on Board!

1 ° week: Checking in

When I arrived in Santa Barbara Airport on July 9, 2016, I met Jenna, of Direct Relief human resource team, who picked me up from SB Airport to Goleta town into my apartment. She was very supportive to make my stay in Goleta more comfortable and my check-in orientation in Direct Relief, as well.

Direct Relief Home, Goleta.
Direct Relief Home, Goleta (Santa Barbara).

On July 11, 2016, my first day in Direct Relief, I was pleased to meet Dawn, my primary NGO Supervisor contact (Quality and IT Director), with a strong sensitive and professional personality! She was very supportive, enabling to settle me completely into Direct Relief and introducing me to my colleagues: Katie, Jon, Sarva, Jessica and Hannah, as well.

I also was  pleased to meet Thomas (President and CEO) and Buphi (Executive Vice President, CFO and COO), showing me their great humanitarian sense and a particular focus towards the people!!

All of them were very welcoming and friendly with me!

2° week: Direct Relief Orientation

In the second week, I was completely focused on my Direct Relief Orientation. I began to take confidence with Direct Relief Process and to familiarize with the other colleagues! During this orientation week, I also had the opportunity to interface with the Direct Relief Staff of different Areas: US National Programs, International Programs, Emergency Programs, Philanthropic Investment, and Operations. It was really instructive listening to their activities in place to enhance their medical aid responsiveness in front of any emergency in US and worldwide!!

In 2015 Direct Relief provided more medical assistance than before: $610 million of support in terms of medical aids in 76 countries, delivering over 1,800 tons of medications, vaccines, supplies and midwife kits by donors and partners collaboration, like GSK! In addition, in 2015 a great Direct Relief’s emergency response efforts included the delivery of medical against the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and Liberia and Nepal earthquake.

Hurrican Prepareness Response 2016
Hurrican Prepareness Response 2016!

Today Direct Relief is strengthening more medical assistance response for people affected by poverty or in emergency situation or natural disasters, as the recent Zika Virus, Yellow Fever and Hurricane Programs.

It was surprising how Direct Relief organization, founded in 1948, is growing up thank to donor and partner supports and is continually evolving, being today recognized among the most trusted and innovative no-profits!!!


3° week up today: Focus on PULSE project

Currently, I am working on “WH improvements Project” as Operation Metrics Lead. My activity is focused on optimizing the Quality Operations in Inbound and Outbound processes as well as identifying new quality monitoring metrics. Now I am cooperating with Quality Management System and Warehouse Operations Teams to improve in-process quality performance by providing a large-scale delivery in daily doses of medical aid (drugs, medical equipment and supplies) for 2017 strategic plan and insuring an immediate and efficient responsiveness for US and worldwide emergencies.

Certainly, it is really challenging to implement standardized improvements in a NGO process, supported by donor or partner contributes, since any changes must be accurately balanced between sustainable cost and resources. Anyway I believe listening to others and being opened to innovation can be the keys to overcome any challenges.

Me and my Warehouse guys!
Me and Warehouse guys! Now I’m becoming one of them, passing a long time at warehouse monitoring the activity!

I am so grateful to offer my experience in supporting this great humanitarian mission!


  1. Hi Lorena! Agree that time goes so fast! Very interesting to hear from you and wish you successful implementation of your project! 🙂

  2. Hi Lorena, thank you for posting, it’s great to see you’re adapting and doing very technical and practical work! This is a very important step in the chain of humanitarian help! 🙂

  3. Albane, happy to hear you!:) thanks..your words are really encouraging for me! I’m agree with you..each challenge in Direct Relief is for a good cause! keep us in touch!

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