Weekends seems to be very interesting….!! 

Noshir Dadrawala’s seminar

6:15 am -my phone displayed “Vihaan Subaiaah calling”

Ohh…..too early isn’t it!!

Vihaan( without a pause) – good morning Souvik,  last evening kusum tamang ( India care foundation Chief manager) called to confirm that we both can attend a seminar on Sustainability and legal – compliance solutions for Non Profit organization…..

You can guess my status- 6:15 am !!!!!, I said OK…….then why didn’t you call me last night !!! Anyway tell me when and where to join. Without knowing about what’s exactly was there to be discussed and how would it add value to my work !!! 🙂

Yes , I am thankful to Vihaan because The speaker was Mr . Noshir H Dadrawala -NOSHIR DADRAWALA, India’s No.1 Charity Management Expert . Appointed by the Planning Commission, Government of India, as a member of Expert Group on Voluntary Organizations in India ..  CEO of Tata & Ford Foundation supported ‘Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy’ Noshir is an internationally sought expert on charity management. Community activist for last 25 years.

I was quite fortunate to attend the seminar on ” philanthropy sustainability and legal- compliance aspects”.

Really informative / With insightful QA session – perfect seminar for a beginner like me,started  at 10:30 am -he spoke about the clause’s / rules/ regulations/ recent amendments — I was wondering when they called it a lunch break at 2:00 pm !!

“Philanthropy needs Sustainability but how !!” That’s what was my learning for today…

From the left anita , noshir, kussum and sunil
My friends from India care foundation

Let’s see – what is waiting for me in the coming weekend 🙂 excited

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