21 days in Tanzania

tmp_25077-20160722_1457521178978996So do you think you are kind? Then try the Tanzanians! They are super kind, helpful & very friendly …
Why are you here? Ask self this question, it is very important to define your goals from the early beginning, you don’t have to share it with any one! Keep them to yourself but write them down and work on them! Step out of your comfort zone.
It’s a complete change in your life, a major one, so as when it’s your first day here in the morning you wake up and you realize that you know nobody! How will you feel? I guess you will feel lonely may be or else just like I felt that I want to go back home whatever it will cost me! After a while you will then have some quite options; either to fit yourself in this new society or get isolated from the surroundings and live alone just by yourself or you can mix up between both or finally you can just go back home and quit very early losing hope.
I always believe in the balance, in all life aspects it’s good to apply this balance. So I decided to have the mix…”The Balance”, so I decided to go and find out people, meet new friends, explore new places, new food, walk around the dark streets & the most important do things I have never done before. On the other side it’s also good to have your own private time, for reading, workout, running, and the main that you should not ever forget is your own spiritual time.
Put in mind that you are here(In life generally and in your assignment currently) for a reason, for a purpose, for a change, for helping people, for doing good deeds, for supporting those who need ,for a major shift in your life…search for this, keep searching till you find it. You might find it on your first day or may be your last day it’s fine but you don’t have to stop trying. Once you find it you will then find happiness and inner peace.
Believe in yourself, in your abilities, you have to believe that you can do all the things you want to do..Just start and try and you will be there one day…if you don’t believe in yourself so no one else would do.
My final advise for everyone is to keep moving and keep smiling! Life is too short and also very simple…enjoy every moment as far as you can and finally do not forget the balance!!
Till we meet again 🙂


  1. Hi Ahmad! You’re right. I’m sure with the passage of time you will enjoy Dar es Salaam.Best wishes for your future success and take care.

  2. Thanks for sharing and advises 🙂 Just want to add my reflection- Fear is something that blocks you from discovering and adventures, it is not about outside it about something inside us only, but it takes time.

    1. True! But fear is controllable. We dont have to allow fear or anythin to prevent us from happiness and from discovering.If we believe that whatever we are destined to we will see so we will rest assured that god will help us in a way or another.

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