August 03


Multan to Tabora:

Tabora airport

I’ve reached in Dar es salaam Tanzania on July 29, 2016.I spend a week in the head office of the NGO partner Jhpiego in Dar es salaam. On Eid day I’ve a flight from Dar Es Salaam to Tabora. This was the first Eid which I spent without my family. Tabora is the place where I’ll work with Jhpiego team up to December. I was interested to travel by train but people here told me that it’ll take more than 24 hrs and sometimes it could be risky too. However the flight took only 2 hrs to reach here in Tabora.

Tabora is a beautiful city. Environment is very natural. Temperature ranges from 12-25° C. People from all sects of Muslims, Christians and other religions live together with peace, harmony and respect .People love and give respect to foreigners.

In the nineteenth century, Tabora was the centre of slave trade. It was the British colony up to 1961. The name Tabora is said to have originated in the word ‘matoborwa’, meaning boiled and dried sweet potato, a staple food of the Nyamwezi who are the main ethnic group in the region.

Sweet Potatoes

Ugali (A thick maize porridge) is very famous food. Chicken with rice and vegetable , Sambusa (Samosa) and rice Pilau are also mostly liked. In breakfast mostly people like sweet potato, cassava ( Root of Cassava plant) , Backed banana, Papaya, Pine apple and egg with tea without milk.

Roasted chicken with backed Banana

To facilitate the administration of such a large area, the region is divided into 7 districts and subdivided further into 22 divisions

People love music. I hear music all the day in the market, bars and restaurants. I enjoy the lovely African music. You can see all types of vegetable, fruits and fish in the local market.

Please also read my next Blog which will about my visit to Nzega district of Tabora region.