Global Alliance (South Asia)

IMG_0181Hi Everyone its month ago I came here for my Global Alliance project learned  so many things in just one month and there are so many things I want to share you all .let’s start with what is my organization and what for I am here first ,

  • In 1955 Leonard Cheshire traveled to India to set up the first Cheshire home outside of the UK. This was the first of what are now over 200 services across 54 countries. Each service was to be self-sufficient and not look to the UK for funding. All services are independently run with elected management committees. Having a shared founder has led to the Cheshire services seeing themselves as part of a family of organizations, with shared values and similar goals: offering persons with disabilities care, security and the basics for everyday life in a respectful home-like environment.


  • The Regional Global Alliance Advisors will work with the Global Alliance Regional Chairs to strengthen the coordination and systems for working together within the region. With stronger regional presence the Global Alliance will be able to leverage more opportunities at national, regional and global level.

This will be achieved by supporting the Global Alliance regional councils deliver a global advocacy initiative on the 3rd of December. The Regional Global Alliance Advisor will work closely with the Regional Global Alliance Chair and the Global Alliance secretariat to support the coordination of activities and then identify opportunities to promote this work to donors and key stakeholders.


Initial days were very tough for meI was feeling like I am here to search accommodation. Every day I walk around 10 km to search house, so many calls here and there to agents and owners. But end of the day I feel ok this walk help me to be feet.

God send somebody to help you out in tough situations as I got it @Souvik my colleague my Friend now who helped me lot to come out to this situation.

In this small tenure I learned so many things.


In this picture the girl who is sitting here is deafblind its term use one who not able to talk , not hear and not even see the world from their eyes.

Is it not a great excuse for all of us? Not do the things, but she is not like that she is able to do not only all her daily activity, but  by this machine she is able to read mail and respond as well.

it’s really inspired me a lot . and I am sure many others too.

Really lot of things I am learning here which is touching my emotional quotient to think and see the world in different angel  if I am saying so I really  I mean it.

Since we are busy thinking salary, incentive, promotion but actually we don’t even thought of what is happening around us and for what we are here.

Please wait for my next Blog I will write soon with details of my work .


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