July and Mandela day

I can’t believe how quickly time went by. The first month has gone by. As I try to look back at the activities and the learnings.  I realise that every day is a day filled with opportunities to learn and make a difference in people’s lives and mine too.
Mama Betty at Thoughtful Path path Munsieville  is a great cook.  She spoiled us with delicious home made dumpling on one of the Fridays for lunch . I had to ask for a recipe since this was the nicest dumpling I had tasted. Well like I said lots of learning for me too. Even to make dumplings.

18 July is celebrated  as Mandela day. The struggle icon for South Africa. One of the lessons I learnt on the day  is simplicity and sticking to the basics.  As part of the celebration that was arranged by Thoughtful Path Munsieville I had to give a talk on diabetes to the attendants.  I had my notes ready on the ipad.  When the time came for me to give the talk my ipad autolocked the screen. While scrambling to unlock the ipad with my very long password  I realised that I cannot keep the people waiting for me to unlock the ipad and had to deliver the talk from my head. The talk went very smoothly.  I think even better than if I had to look at my notes .  I had to speak from my head and my  heart and managed to capture and engage  the audience with a few questions from them.
Over and above the health talk.  The police gave a talk on safety and reporting crimes such as abuse.  There were donations of second hand clothing as you can see it was hung on the perimeter fence for the elderly to pick and choose. It might look like laundry but it was worth while as it blessed the people.  There were blankets that were donated also.

As part of my nutrition campaign officer role.  I met with a few volunteers who workin the garden called E-zone. This is more like an enterprise. If this garden is watered on a regular basis the community will  harvest and benefit.


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  1. Great to hear how things are going Maipelo. And I love the lesson about talking from the head and heart rather than from the iPad!

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