Reaching to Most Vulnerable : Amref Heath Africa

It’s almost a week here in Kenya at Amref Health Africa country office. HR representative took me to several departments for induction.  It was really nice to interact with them. I will possibly   discuss more on people and various  functions in my next blog , here I would like  to introduce you with  the NGO – Amref Health Africa ,where I will be working for next six months .


Amref Health Africa was founded in 1957 as the Flying Doctors of East Africa by three surgeons–Archibald McIndoe, Sir Michael Wood, and Thomas Rees, to bring emergency medical and surgical services to remote communities throughout East Africa. Amref Health Africa now delivers preventative, community based health care and has grown to become the largest African-led international health development organization working in the continent today.


Amref Health Africa has built strong credibility as a result of substantial sustainable development work in Africa from last 57 years.  Amref is dedicated to  improve  health   of people of Africa by partnering with and empowering communities  to strengthen health systems. One thing which is very unique about Amref is their reach to most vulnerable and hard to reach communities. The organization works side by side with local communities, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and resources to able them to address their own health needs.

It currently implements more than 160 programs and projects through its offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda with the aim of:

  1. Making pregnancy safe and expanding reproductive health
  2. Reducing morbidity and mortality among children (MNCH)
  3. Scaling up HIV, TB, and malaria responses
  4. Increasing access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities
  5. Increasing access by disadvantaged communities to quality medical, surgical and diagnostic services
  6. Developing a strong research and innovation base to contribute to health improvement in Africa

Amref has done a great job to improve the health of people of Africa from last 6 decades and received many awards and recognition for their work. Now it is gearing up to bring lots of strategic and structural changes to deal with current health challenges of people of Africa better. I wish my work with team of Amref health add substantial value to achieve its objective of bringing lasting/durable change to the health of people of Africa.

“The blog was written in first week of July  ,2016 “

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  1. Hello Mahendra,
    I hope you’re enjoying your assignment at the KCO! I did my PULSE assignment at AMREF HQ in 2014, but got to spend some time with the staff at KCO, as well. I look forward to reading your upcoming blogs.

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