Heal the world

These pictures come from wendsday’s delivery in few HEalth Centers in Isingiro district. The project I am working in,among many other aspects, is about giving the drugs that the governmet doesn’t supply or supplies in a not sufficient quantity. The health system in Uganda is,basically, a pyramid,at the bottom the HC1,2,3 and 4. HC1 are not even physical structures,while the HCs 2,3 and 4 are clinics that are meant to serve a certain number of patients,according to their level. The governmet supplies a standard kit to the HC 2 and 3, while the HC4 are able to make their own orders of drugs. As the kit have never been updated since its creation in 2010, the amount of drugs is,often, not enough so HCs face the problem of stock outs. Where the governmet doesn’t arrive,my project does so we deliver medcines everytime the HCs are in need. Very often. My biggest dream,by the end of my assignment would be to make an agreement with the governmet and having an update of the kit that better reflects what the clinics need, according to the growth of the population. Will I be able to do that?!? I hope so…I will let you know😉


  1. This is the first post I have read that has a specific way that you could really help to impact the organization you are working with and the patients they serve… go for it!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Edit! I am really try to do my best to help people here having a better service. I think I have good ideas and, together with my NGO will be able to do something good!

  2. I wish you all of the best in making that dream you described a reality for the people! If it can be done, you will achieve it.

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