July 31


Enjoying The Team Work

Amref Heath Africa is gearing up to achieve its ambition to triple its development work in coming few years. It sounded good to my ears when I interacted with different people  at Amref; be it Directorate, HR, Programme Management, M and E (Monitoring and Evaluation) and Finance,  as all were resonating with high energy to support it.  Off course I was looking for such a cohesive environment which will essentially support my Business Development task at HQ.

I strongly believe that Amref deserves to achieve better than this, which in turn can help millions of resource constrained, marginalized people of Africa to improve their heath and quality of life.

And why not!!!

Amref has unmatched and credible track record of last six decades of development work in the region. Amref in 1960, through its program has outreached areas where many find it difficult to reach even today. It has its strong vision since inception to reach most disadvantaged, difficult to reach communities to bring lasting health changes.

All Good work………………… still things are not easy for Amref. It has multiple challenges to deal with to see its ambitions translating in to reality.

Today NGO sector is becoming very competitive across the world. NGOs are using advanced, innovative marketing strategies and processes to position themselves well in a crowded market. They are equipped with dedicated Marketing and Business Development team utilizing latest technologies to create differentiation. Proactive reach to donors and other stakeholder to strengthen relationship is considered key to win funding opportunities.

However, traditionally Amref remained highly focused on Program Management, and still relies very high on writing quality proposals as a core Business Development strategy. Amref’s credible work of last 6 decades especially in Kenya helped to win loyalty of some big donors and appreciable support of MOH but outside Kenya scenario is a bit different. Relying on few loyal donors for long will be very risky and Amref need to work hard to increase its funding opportunities, vertically by increasing strike rate and horizontally by adding more number of loyal donors to its list.

Well!!!   I strongly believe that Amref is better placed to compete with many rival NGOs working in health sector in Africa and I am sure the analysis and information gathered by me last month will help to bring out sustainable solutions to topics like

  1. Increase proposal success rate
  2. Develop CRM (Customer relationship Management System)
  3. Increase client awareness of Amref to win follow up funding opportunities
  4. Improve analytics to capture timely information to analyse business progression and trends

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