Felt like at home ( read gsk work place) at M.S RAMAIAH MEDICAL COLLEGE , Bangalore

M S Ramaiah Medical College & Hospital , have been supporting aashraya Seva Trust since last six years . They extended patient benefits with their medical team conducting once in every month health check up camps , for inmates of Aashraya .

Last week , when a team of 10 doctors & 3 paramedics came , I had taken the oppurunity to have a chat with the team lead Dr . G. Suman ,  about Aashrayas Vision & Mission & Reason behind supporting the cause for so long .


During our discussion, she asked about the reason behind the questions I was asking and my interest & I got another opportunity to speak about the reason behind – “PULSE volunteer partnership ,  a gsk initiative to serve the society and bring changes towards something better ” . She was really excited to know about the initiatives gsk is taking.

PG students also comes as volunteers to help professor in charge.  

MEDICAL COLLEGE Team provides free medicines as well

Before leaving , the Team coordinator invited me to the hospital to meet and have chat with other senior doctors who are also involved in  this project. 

Yesterday, they called to confirm the time .

Today,  I went to MS RAMAIAH MEDICAL COLLEGE , Bangalore . Rajiv  was free today and also happily came along with me as I requested . Thanks Rajiv

Me , Rajiv and Vihaan – my project head 

It’s been almost one month that I am working here , can sense that Publicity and awareness is something my NGO is lacking.

I requested community health care Dept head ,  for their video bytes on Ashrarya and made it clear that I will like to use this as Publicity tool for Ashrarya . They accepted readily 🙂 what else !! All the top three doctor came and spoke about Aasshraya’s initiative and Noble mission along with their request notes for all to come and support .

It was a fruitful day and I believe proper implementation of such small initiative s can create magic in future

We are from sales team and trust us , we felt like at home in a MEDICAL COLLEGE after almost a month 😀

I step towards making them happy again


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