July 26


Changing my thoughts to change my world

My career with GSK spanning more than 2 decades has got me many friends in GSK family. On similar lines, my journey into the new world (though much shorter, 2 weeks so far) has helped me to add many more names to my family – this now also includes teachers, students, support staff, parents and donors at Aashirwad Special Education School. A few moments with Aashirwad family captured below-

Aashirwad Family r

School time

As I settled down for my assignment, I have been contemplating on thoughts in my mind space. I always heard about the power of thoughts and how they shape our own individual world, making it better or worse. The last 2 weeks offered good tutorial on the same. To begin with, my thoughts focused on challenges in 2 areas of focus of my assignment –

1) enhancing the fund raising capacity for the school

2) improving the education and rehabilitation services offered by the school.

My current skills do not do justice to either of these 2 areas; especially my level of understanding of the education for the differently abled is close to naught. Post acceptance of the challenge offered by this unfamiliar territory, my thoughts started to focus on the available possibilities . This change in thought process changed my world – leading me to be more positive.

One of the key actions during the last week has been to look externally for what good looks like (in backdrop of limited capability at my school). Result has been completion of 3 productive visits to good standard special schools in the city to explore the potential opportunities. There have been great learnings during these visits, would share my experiences with you over next few days.

Many thanks for your encouragement!!

Gurpreet Singh