Oh baby,baby it’s a wild world

Yes,it really is! Now that I am here and I started living the real Uganda I can say that is a wild world! It’s hard but I am getting used to it. I like my project very much,dealing with the supply chain gives me the chance to have a view of how things work at 360•. People in the village are not the only involved in my interviews but “city” people that work for the governmet as well. That gives me the chance to understand different cultures that belong to the same country and,actually,live very close to each other. The so called “poverty line”,in fact,is not that far from the city. It’s a physical place where the paved road ends and the dirt one begins. Beyond that lane,there’s a world we have only seen in our worst nightmares. People live in huts,children are left alone playing around without shoes and completely dirty. It’s very sad. But,I still have the chance to see some happiness in people’s eyes at the health clinics where they get the best cures it is possible to give them. So,with my project I know I will be able to improve the system so more happy eyes will look at this wild world!

Anyway,sometimes is week end as well,so why don’t go to Kampala?! Well,be very very carefull when you move around that hell city…drivers are crazy and drive like there is no tomorrow at all. Well,according to their way to drive,I guess fore some of them is the true…

At least,if you survive,you can have the experience to eat at 0 degree latitude…it doesn’t happen everyday to be on the equator!


One comment

  1. OMG! That crazy Kampala traffic…, but eating at the equator- I would have never imagined. I am so glad we met and are doing these things together.

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