July 24


Bengaluru ( aka Bangalore) days – Eutopia

Hello everyone , it is actually encouraging to read all the blogs here 🙂

Really Excited to do more & feel better everyday .

Subhodaya ........

Subhodaya ……benGaluru

Bengaluru- oh yes it’s amazing to be here – different language , completely different food &  top of all beautiful breeze all around


Two thing that localities go crazy about … Coffee and Flowers


Perfect start of a day – @ayodhha tiffin corner 


Colorful and eye-catching flower shops everywhere


Something  very important thing that I should not miss to mention , is about my personal fitness trainer – yes I have got one Mr. Rajiv choubey 😀 hey Rajiv I am sure you wont mind getting a new designation  . Every night he forces me to go out with him for 3-4 kms walk !!!

Rajiv and me ..

Rajiv is is working as a pulse volunteer for Leonard Cheshire , Bangalore. Together we have lots of plans to explore am sure we will , what you say Rajiv ! 🙂

Now it’s almost three weeks that I have started working for my NGO partner – Ashrarya Seva Trust – an old age home  , based out of Bangalore City . Before coming here ,  trust me , I never knew that life could be so meaningless for a group of overlooked elderly. Now , I am  committed to bring happiness back to these  faces  – Yes I will


meet my extended family members …. so many mothers around , everyday