July 23


It’s Like a New Job for me.



I have moved to Mumbai a week before so that I can understand the things and settled down. This move was to start with the new assignment that I have volunteered for. The weather here is different to my home town Bangalore. It is raining almost for 24 hours and nothing stops due to rain unlike Bangalore. My day starts early in morning at 6am. I get ready and leave home by 7:10 to catch the direct local train. Now I am used to of the new system. Few things I have learned the harder way; like not entering into 1st class with your second class ticket otherwise pay the fine. Leave on time to return home otherwise stuck in the train for 1 to 2 hours.

On the first day I got introduced to many people from different department and was difficult to remember every one’s name at the end of the day. Learned more about the NGO for which I will be working, how it functions, what is its vision? The impact it has made to the society is huge. In term of employment generation it has given opportunity to more than 1 lakh people I am really happy that I was accepted to help and get help also to sail through GSK Pulse program to make my contribution to this NGO and built a better community.

I am looking forward to this new experience as an exposure to new work area, to be able to participate for a bigger social cause as an Individual and as a part of GSK.