Wild Turkey in Holler’s End

There are wild turkey at Holler’s End – the Airbnb I am enjoying during my stay in Berea, Kentucky. No – not bourbon – Kentucky is known for it’s bourbon and Wild Turkey is the name of one of the distilleries about an hour from where I am staying, these are large, shy birds that emerge from the woods at dusk.   I saw some last night relaxing on the front porch of Holler’s End.

I am renting a room from a lovely woman named Pat Gailey through Airbnb. It is located on the edge of Berea at the end of a country road named Davis Hollow.

Pat’s home is about a quarter mile back in the woods and is very peaceful.    I have free access to her kitchen and have been enjoying cooking.   There is a great farmers’ market in town and I have been enjoying fresh eggplant, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes.  There is no TV, microwave or coffee machine in the house – so I am reading a lot and have had to cook the slow way.  I think my blood pressure is a lot lower as I have reduced the amount of coffee I’m drinking!

Pat is very well traveled and has a lot of interesting artwork from her travels in her home. She is very into health food and her brother owns the health food store in town.  She has invited me to join her meditation group and attend the Berea town meeting next week – both of which I am looking forward to.  Berea has an interesting mix of liberal academics and conservative fundamental Baptists which according to Pat can create some interesting discussions at the town meetings.  The town just voted to allow alcohol in restaurants this year.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to try Wild Turkey bourbon, I have had the pleasure of enjoying some bourbon balls – a specialty of the fudge shop in town, and some moonshine balls. I have to say that I prefer the bourbon balls.

I’d like to close by extending a huge congratulation to my group back in GSK.   The FDA showed up last week to do a Pharmacovigilance inspection at GSK and the work my group does was a large part of the inspection.  It was the first time we have been inspected by FDA since putting in a new safety database and processes and the inspection went well!  I am so fortunate to work with a great group of people who do the right thing every day which is the only way you can be assured of a good outcome in an unannounced FDA inspection.


  1. Can’t wait to hear more about what you will be doing…and to hear how that town meeting went! Bourbon balls in the fudge shop but no alcohol in restaurants until recently…LOL! Sounds like a really interesting place. Glad to hear you have settled in and that you are being more mindful and healthy. The fresh veggies sound great. Keep enjoying yourself and working hard. And congrats on the FDA inspection. Having gone through a few myself that is no small feat! 🙂

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