MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; Vegetarian Food can be flavorful and satisfying?!

I am having to work in the city, office work day after day and not out in the field (villages) as I initially thought would be the case. I have no choice but to make most of it and gradually discover the beauty hidden within Kathmandu city. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and I find Kathmandu uniquely beautiful; from colorful houses, to having more bike parking spots than cars, beautiful temples and very many guest houses not to mention the food!

Beautiful & Colorful houses of Kathmandu City

I choose to make the most of this experience and to start with,  I met two delightful strangers – come friends and had a full vegetarian dinner with them (my first ever first vegetarian meal). A Taiwanese lady & a former Russian solder who are traveling to Pokhara to reconnect with their spiritual selves through meditation and dare I say its 8 hours of meditation, no eye contact, no talking, just you reconnecting with your inner thoughts and spirits. As if that is not tasking enough they will also be volunteering here in Nepal. Our conversation kicked off and went on for hours.

Kenyan, Taiwanese & Russian

♣♠♠♠♠ Thinking of my colleague Paul and wishing him more adventurers out of the Kathmandu city. Remembering our official meet dinner, where he ensured I got some delicious slices of meat after hearing my cries of craving for same. Now that’s a brother from another mother looking out for me. Hard to believe we are from very different worlds. ♠♠♠♠♠

Back to my vegetarian menu dinner, we met in a restaurant named or2k and it’s said to be a Middle Eastern restaurant, with a relaxing roof top, unique atmosphere in the heart of Thamel. One is expected to remove his shoes and sandals at the entrance, then it’s a floor sitting restaurant and the place was full with a mix of people from all sort of races; Caucasian, Arabs, Nepalis, Asians & African (me:::yeeeeeeeaaahhhhh)

When i looked at the plate, I could see tomato paste, salads, cabbages, and stuff that i couldn’t identify. I started calculating how I’m going to get my second meal just in-case, but what was served was more than enough and I even requested to carry some back home.


My new experience here was to have an open mind, accept change and enjoy  mouth-watering  food with soothing music playing in the back ground. My conclusion?  The fact that Vegetarian Food can be flavorful and extremely satisfying.




  1. Great pictures. I hope you are able to explore outside of the city in your spare time at least. I was in a warehouse in Kigali for most of my PULSE placement, but made sure to explore Rwanda (+Tanzania and Entebbe) in my free time.

    1. hehehe, thought one eats ugali with some proteins n veggie…like you cant take ugali alone? happy that you loved Kenyan ugali

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