Hello, I am new here …

Friends, week 1 of my PULSE journey is in the books. I am officially working for Get HYPE Philly! funded by GSK and led by The Food Trust. Get HYPE Philly! brings together 10 nonprofit Collective partners to empower Philly’s young people as leaders, preparing them to live healthier lives and create healthier communities. I will go into more details about what this amazing Collective are doing soon but I wanted to give my top ten list of my first week …

10. #firstworldproblems – Septa! I may not be traveling across the world as some of my PULSE cohorts but Septa has recently taken 30% of its trains offline due to engineering issues. And being in West Chester – my commute time home has been around 2 hours – Navy Yard commute isn’t looking so bad these days.

9. #firstdaynerves #pleasenomeangirls – I forgot this feeling. Excited but nervous! Did I wear the right outfit? Is someone going to offer to take me to lunch? Will I like it? Will they like me? Please do not let Regina George work here.

8. #outofmyelement – going from efficient to elementary certainly has put me out of my comfort zone. I am loving learning though.

7. #GSKstrong – guess what they call all their meetings for this project? GSK! So I go to the GSK comms meetings and the GSK weekly meeting and the GSK partner meeting. While so much is different, it is nice to go to meetings with my GSK company in there. And guess what else? I can see the old GSK building outside where I am.


6. #foodeverywhere – yes I know the organization I am at is called The Food Trust so what was I expecting?! I guess I didn’t realize there would be pictures of food everywhere, I would be going to ALOT of events with food, and even meetings have fruit at them! Foodie in training here I come.

5. #fieldtrips – yes you heard right – I will be going on field trips with the children (ALOT) – I am so excited about this! Stay tune for my next post as I will be out of the office most of the week on field trips. Feel like I am back in grade school. Did someone sign my permission slip? Thank you PULSE team.

4. #emailpains – I have to give you the good and then make you feel better – first, the good – that feeling when you open your work email and only have 4 emails! In your life have you ever seen that before? Yes I know it was only day 1 but let me live in the glory of this for a day. Ok maybe it was only  a few hours because The Food Trust uses group email for everything so yes if someone has a celebration (nice) or needs a pop up tent for an event (ok sorry can’t help there) or needs to find an eyeglass repair shot (get Lasik?) – one thing is for sure – this community is close!

3.#businessjargon – I remember my first week of GSK and taking a book to write down all the acronyms and words – my thoughts leaving college is why did no one warn me about this secret language? I am having flashbacks to that same week – programming, evals, backbone, PSE – policy system environment. Get ready GSK – I will be coming back with new words! For some fun – post a comment on what business jargon is your favorite?

2.#goals – Right now we are still working out the details of my objectives but at a high level – I am going to work on their sustainability team (how do we keep this group together post the 3 year GSK grant), work on their communications team (creating an e-kit for all 10 partners at varying level of maturity use), evaluate cause marketing (not familiar – think of our GSK partnership with Save the Children – it’s when a for profit & non-profit come together for mutual benefit), and support the enterprise center in youth business training (so excited about this one). 6 months – think it’s doable?!

1.#perfectmatch – No I am not talking about a dating site – I am talking about my new assignment! I am in love. Everything about this place – gets me excited. The cause, the people, working with the youth, the positive energy, I could go on and on. Thanks PULSE team – this could not be a better fit for me!

Stay tune up next … Field Trip Connoisseur Tara …


  1. Despite the commute, sounds like you are off to a great start, Tara! I love the hash tags and I’m glad Regina George does not work there “nomeangirls

  2. haha Field trip commissioner Tara !! ove your #10 list…keep it coming! And my fav. business acronym/jargon these days – ADP. Why? Because I say that a LOT & no one outside GSK knows what I am talking about when I say that 🙂 Sending hugs & best wishes (esp for the long commute!), Manu.

  3. Tara. Love the blog. So happy for you. You deserve this fun positive energetic assignment so glad GSK is generous in this way.

  4. Love it Tara! And your hashtags 🙂 Sounds like it is right up your ally. I can feel your excitement and energy. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey.

  5. Tara. Those beginning jitters? Seems like you have them under control. How lucky are these communities to have you working with them! Field trips? Doesn’t sound like too much fun. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Tara. From your picture it looks like you are working at Tir Na Nog. 🙂 Glad you are loving it. Keep blogging!

  7. Love this! Can feel your energy & positivity through your words – keep sharing. What an adventure you’re on, Tara – so happy for you! #rightwhereyou’resupposedtobe

  8. Great story ! The staff at TFT will certainly make you smile making that long commute worth it! The HYPE kids will keep you hopping too! You are the Change!

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